Advantages and Disadvantages of Distance Learning Essay Example

Getting education through a distant learning course is not a new phenomenon. But, it has gained momentum globally thanks to the flexibility it offers. However, there are both advantages and disadvantages of studying through these correspondence courses. 

One of the biggest advantages of distance education is the convenience it offers. Students can immensely  benefit from the way these courses are delivered. For example, a student can pursue a degree from an university in Canada without having to move to the country, all at the comfort of his home. Additionally, tutees can finish their graduation through online courses within a fraction of the costs incurred for an on premise course. Last, but not far from the least, correspondence course enables working professionals to upskill. 

On the other hand, distance studying has its own share of disadvantages, which can be barely overlooked. Though, it is a widely known mode of education, the degrees obtained though correspondence courses are yet to be widely accepted. Even now, many firms give preference to candidates with an on premise education over distant learning candidates. Moreover, an online course is only a simulation of classroom and can never emulate the real-time experience. 

In conclusion, pursuing higher education through distant courses enables students to have their own schedule but it is not all rosy. In my opinion, it may not be the best medium to complete education for a certain section of students.


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