Do Students Benefit From the Two-Month Summer Break

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  • Published: 11 September 2021
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Summer break is well adored by many students and even teachers for many reasons. The summer break provides students with a motivation to complete their school work, rest so that they are prepared for the next school year and an opportunity to get a job so that they are further prepared for life outside of school. Students desperately need a summer break and it would be wrong to deny them that.

Firstly, to prepare students for their future and give them realistic expectations it is necessary to allot them time for job opportunities. While it would be difficult to manage both school and work within the same time frame, summer break makes this option much more manageable. A study shows that 75% of students that attend both school and work are extremely stressed and find themselves minimizing their effort in one of the two subsequently, meaning that the summer break is a very realistic solution. Moreover, giving students the chance to work a job teaches them the essential skill of money management, which is also important to know in life. Providing them with time to acquire this skill will allow them to better pay for post-secondary education, if that is the path they should choose, therefore, all playing into a bigger picture.

Secondly, this crucial break enables students to rest so that they are fully prepared for the next school year. Despite schools efforts, at times school can be very tiring. Having this two month break allows students to rest so that they can complete their work the following year to the best of their abilities. No matter a person's age, it is well-known that when someone is overworked and tired it is reflected in their work. Consequently, having a break allows students to relax and refresh themselves, resulting in a better school experience and work.

Finally, the summer break provides students with a motivation to complete their school work. School work isn’t always the most exciting to complete no matter the subject, therefore, having a break gives students something to look forward to, a means to an end. Although this form of motivation may not be the best to have compared to an inner desire to do well for yourself, it is important to reward yourself after completing honest, hard work. 

In short, the two month summer break proves to be extremely beneficial for numerous things including motivation to do well in school, proper self care as to not overwork yourself and job opportunities and experience, which obviously proves very useful to obtain in life. It is impossible to deny the worthwhile effects of the beloved summer break and we must maintain it as it is.


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