A Fiction Story Essay Example

A Fiction Story Essay Example
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📌Published: 13 August 2020

Once upon a time there was a lonely princess... Im that princess, my name is Sarah. My family has been pushing me to find a worthy prince to marry. In order to find the right one I’m trying something new. I make it so they “have to perform a task I have given them and if he didn’t complete it successfully, he would forfeit his life.” I put up posters and made sure all the princes around hear about the event. I made the challenges very difficult knowing many would fail, except the right one. “Many princes had already been there and had lost their lives, so there was nobody anymore who dared to try.” This is kind of a relief though cause I didn’t see anyone i particularly liked very much.

After a while I decided to take a break from my search and find a new time passer instead. I decided to get involved with some of the family animals. One specific animal caught my eye. It is a white snake with red beady eyes. Suddenly it started to speak to me it said it will go and find a worthy prince for me to marry. He leaves and slowly I forget about it ever happening.  

The snake travels to a far off village and sees a servant that would be perfect for the princess. He places himself on the kings empty platter knowing the servant was dying to try the kings food. Once the prince has tasted him he has an ability to talk to and hear what animals are saying.

“On this very same day the queen lost one of her most beautiful rings,and the suspicion fell on him.” He overhears a duck talking about eating the ring and he brings the duck into the cook. The Queen is so happy with the servant that she promises him anything he wants. He takes a horse and money and sets out for an adventure.  

Along the way he helps out many different animals that are in need. He first saves some fish that were trapped and would have died, secondly his horse stood on an ant hill and he moved it so he didn't destroy their home. Lastly they came upon some birds who had been kicked out of their nests, he feeds them with his horses meat. These animals then promise to make it up to him. 

Later on in his journey he hears about the lonely princess who is longing for a worthy husband. He shows up at the castle and asked to prove his worth to her. She gives him his first task, she throws a ring into the ocean and then says, “fetch it, and if he came out of the water without it, he’d be pushed back into the sea and would have to die in the water.” The next thing you know is that the fish he had saved were there and they found the ring and brought it to him as his reward for saving their lives. “However, when the princess heard that he wasn’t a prince, she refused to accept him.” 

I then decide to give him another nearly impossible task to complete before the sunrise. I dumped out a bag of millet seeds and told him to fill the bag back up. I watched him from my window desperately gather the seeds, but the bag seemed to be filling itself. It was as if he had ants gathering them for him I thought to myself. I awoke to the bag filled and a tired face holding them.

This is just too good there is no way that he has been able to do this all on his own, so i decide to give him one more just in case. I tell him “he was to fetch an apple from the Tree of Life.” I knew this would be the final designating factor. 

I watch him struggle for a good 30 minutes, then suddenly a raven swoops up the tree and grabs an apple and brings it to the man. Instantly I knew he was good enough to be my husband. He was handsome and he was the only one capable of my tasks. 

I planned the wedding to take place in two days. I told him he may marry me now and eventually become the king. Once we were married he demanded a special dish everyday at noon, but he never allowed me to see what it was. It was always covered with a silver platter.

One day I had just enough and i took him dish before the  servant took it into him. “The dish was a strange whitesnake.” Its red beady eyes looked extremely familiar. I instantly remembered that time I had talked to that red eyes snake in the garden. I began feeling nauseous and dropped the platter, the snake looked me in the eyes and said,”I have brought the servant to you, now you owe me your life.”


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