What is Kindness Essay Example 2

Just because you want to be cool doesn't mean you have to be rude. Do you want to be the kid that rude kid, or a kind kid? If you were smart you would choose a kind kid that’s willing to help anybody out. In the book Good Deed, Heather is just a girl that wants to help to get her girl scouts badge, while on the other hand risa actually want to help people and doesn't care if she receives an award. Risa is a little girl that is the same age that is a respectful little girl that’s helpful and doesn't do good deeds while that's the opposite heather is. In the end, Heather realizes she should do it for no prizes and stop doing stuff wrong. Risa’s family is having trouble with most of them being sick and she still makes time for others in need.In the book Good Deed, The author shows Conflict and Heathers Motive To reveal the theme that kindness matters.

In the Short Story Good Deed, the author uses conflict to show the theme of the story.

In the Book The conflict that heather causes lead to the bigger problems. Heather Hides the book and puts it somewhere where Risa doesn't know. Heather Doesn't care about anybody else she just wants prizes. In the text Risa States “Heather just wants her girl scouts badge. 

This proves that Heather is just a boring little girl that wants everything for herself and doesn't care about anyone but herself and the stuff she earns or gets. In a simple form she is the complete opposite of the respectful,caring,loving,helpful risa. The conflict is a huge problem in this story and affects the way heather changes towards the end instead of being rude she being nice.

In addition to the conflict risa motive also helps show the theme of the story.

In the story, the Good Deed The character Risa’s Motive shows that she is a very kind person and cares about others and wants to help others without receiving an award. She was helping her family and blind woman when her family was sick. In the story, it states “She’s a nice girl.” 

This proves that Risa is and will always be the better person in this story. Risa wants to help for instance when her family is struggling with most of them being sick. She still tried to make room for the blind woman so Risa could read to her. Her family was all in trouble and she still wanted to help the blind woman and her family you can’t even say that she’s not a good person.

Risa’s Motive and the conflict clearly show the theme that the most important things of kindness. Risa is wonderful respectful, nice and kind little girl that’s family is having trouble with sicknesses and Risa still makes time for others such as the blind woman. The conflict which is where Heather is being disrespectful towards Risa which is not fair because Risa works so hard and gets told by Heather she’s not allowed to read to the old woman.  Next time you come across someone that’s not being kind you stand up to them and tell them the right thing to do.



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