Story of My Life Essay Example

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  • Published: 25 August 2020
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“Do you talk during movies with your friends?” 

“Yes,” I responded to Uncle.

“Well you must not have friends or very few. You’re so annoying, you should just go away or leave us alone”.  

It was Christmas Eve in 2018 at Uncle Rob’s house in Frederick, Maryland. My whole family spent the day watching and commenting on movies. Uncle just started the movie “Peppermint” starring Jennifer Garner as Garner’s character stapled a leg wound. The scene looked painful so I commented and looked away. Then Uncle made his distasteful statements and I looked to Dad for support, but instead I received more backlash. 

“Yeah she always talks during movies, her friends find her annoying too”. 

Panicked, I rushed to the shared guest room, shut the door, and crippled to the floor in tears. My vision blurred, my body started shaking, and water rushed from my eyes. I lay in my makeshift bed and waited for sleep to consume me.

The next morning, my family had to travel to Auntie Emy’s house for the Christmas celebration, but I wanted to isolate myself. I packed my items and sat alone on the bed, eagerly awaiting departure. My aunt’s voice suddenly cut through the door,

“Open the door hun or I’ll kick it down. You’re being immature and you need to act like an adult and come downstairs”.

I opened the door and Auntie asked why I was upset. I told her I simply wasn’t feeling well, but she claimed I was abnormal for feeling upset for no reason and immature for misconstruing Uncle’s words. She threatened to tell my parents of my abnormal state, but I countered her threats and stated I warned my parents of my difficulties in the past with little success.  For instance, I told Mom this story and she too sided with my uncle.

Mom evinced the limits of family support, but I was not mature enough to understand with limited family support I would need external help from a counselor or friend. The help I received was in the form of friends and teachers; I talked about the incident with friends and obtained advice to deal with the situation, and I when I spoke to teachers I attained the support and comfort my family could not offer. With assistance from external sources I am now mature enough to understand my parents’ lack of support is not my fault. 

The Christmas of 2018 was miserable for more reasons than included in this essay, but reliving the event retrospectively changed my view on a saying that had been drilled into me since I was a child; “Family will always support you”. I learned to utilize external aid by confiding in friends, teachers, and counselors, when family support reached its limits. Furthermore, I’m still learning about external help, but this experience enabled my ability to receive guidance outside of family.



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