Personal Story of My Life Essay Example

Personal Story of My Life Essay Example
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📌Published: 04 November 2020

Charlotte Bronte once said, “I care for myself. The more solitary, the more friendless, the more unsustained I am, the more I will respect myself.” This is something that as an adolescent I began to agree with.  I wasn’t always that way. As a kid I was always very kind, generous, and a huge pushover. I was sweet and wanted to help everyone with everything and people took advantage. Regardless of the world I continued to be my optimistic self. As I got older I surprisingly stayed my same charismatic and happy self. Those characteristics merged into my so-called “grown up” life when I left home and got together with my ex. This is where I began to truly figure out myself and those around me. 

My New Life Beginning

I was only seventeen when I left my home. Leaving wasn’t a choice but something I had to do for my own wellbeing. Home wasn’t that warm, relaxed, comfortable feeling you get after a long day but instead, it was a cold, abysmal, secluded place that could drive you insane if you stayed too long. My parents had been divorced now for a while, along with siblings with drug addiction problems things just got to hectic and overwhelming for me. I was the first among my family to graduate high school but because of everything that was going on it seemed insignificant. I bid my farewell to my mother and I left for California with Angel, the ex, and was excited for the move. I was only 17 at the time of moving so I was scared.  Once we go to California things went from bad to worse in a matter of years. We ended up getting evicted from the apartment we were living in Chula Vista. We then moved to Tijuana with his older sister.

By then I was 18 and pregnant with my first child. I didn’t know what to think. Everything seemed to be spiraling out of control. I got a job in Tijuana as a receptionist earning one hundred a week. I was upset and frustrated because I was not going to be able to support myself and my future child with that horrible income. Shortly after we moved back to Arizona and got a rental house. I was ecstatic. Three months into being in Arizona I find out that not only is Angel being unfaithful, but his family has been covering up. He was having an affair with a woman in Tijuana and has another child on the way.  I gave birth in February and the other woman in June. Oddly enough I stayed with Angel because I would much rather live with him than to go back home. After a few more months I couldn’t keep it together and I asked my father if I could move in with him.

Life with My Dad

Once I started living with my father things seemed to be better. I graduated Medical Assisting school, started a good job at a Family Practice, and got my own place. After a while of living on my own Angel decided to come back and try to work things out. His famous words that started our conversation, “Patssy, you know I’m really sorry, I wasn’t thinking, and I was young. You know I truly love you and Daniella (my daughter).” I replied simply saying, “Fine, I’ll give you one more chance, but you are moving with me and if things go south you are leaving, I don’t fully trust you, but we can try.” 

After a year he got an apartment and wanted us to go with him, so I did. Reluctantly everything was going ok until I gave birth to my son. While I started working again he enrolled in college. While in college he began to lie and sneak around. I figured it out and started to distance myself from him. I was trying to save up money because I could move out with my two children. Unbeknownst to me this arrogant, selfish, jerk was planning on taking my money once I got a refund back from the state and my bonus check from work. 

I cancelled my card and got a new one sent to me right away. I told him, “You really think you could steal my money straight out of my account? Did you think I wasn’t going to find out!” He replied, “Who told you?” I yelled back at him, “Does that really matter right now, the fact is you were going to take the money for the children and waste it on what, huh, crap that you don’t need?” He then pushed me off to the side and said, “Get out, pack your things and the kids and get out of my apartment, now!” I was confused, dizzy, I felt lightheaded and nauseous. I told him, “are you serious, even though we have nowhere to go but the car?” He smirked and said, “yes, by the time I get back you better have left, or I’ll call the cops.” I was in disbelief. I was angry as I was packing my stuff and throwing in the car. 

Helping My Mom

Throughout all of this I was helping my mother through a rough time she was experiencing. I was sending her money and babysitting for her. I was her go to until she was able to get a house on her own. I called my mother and told her, “Mom, angel kicked me and the kids out, I don’t have anywhere to go, can I go with you?” She simply replied, “no, I’m sorry, I have your brothers all here and your grandma, I don’t have room.” I cried to her, “mom, seriously, I just need a month, so I can save and get my own place, I’ll even sleep on the floor. Mom please at least take the kids!” She repeated, “I can’t, sorry, it’s too many people.” I hung up on her. I was sobbing quietly because my kids were in the car. I couldn’t believe it the person I was helping, the person who had told me that she had my back no matter what happened, my own mother. I cried like I have never cried before; my eyes were swollen and red from how hard I was crying. I was choking on my own breath. I slammed my hands so hard on the steering wheel that I heard a crack. My sadness, anguish, and hopelessness turned into anger. I stopped crying and started getting angry with everyone.

How It All Ended

I ended up moving in with the lady that took care of my kids. She had an extra room in her house. I paid rent for about 5 months, then I moved out on my own. I started to avoid everyone and focused on my kids. I got my own car, my own apartment, and enrolled in school for nursing. I have been doing everything on my own since that day. I was 20, I am now 29. Do I still hurt about the situation? Yes. But I learned that no one will care about me and my kids more than me. Better to do things on your own from the get go than to rely on anyone. I don’t trust anyone anymore nor do I put myself in the position to be hurt. Lesson learned, being alone is better than to be with people who claim to have your back when they don’t. Live for yourself, grow for yourself, build a future for yourself.


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