Why I Should Be in National Honor Society Essay Example

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  • Published: 27 June 2021
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The honor of becoming a candidate for the National Honor Society has led me to express my appreciation to my community. My goal of being dedicated to my school and fellow neighbors has been reached as I participated and worked hard for my achievements. Based on my achievements, I am able to represent each of the society’s qualifications. Throughout my residence in Glidden, I have shown the qualities for scholarship, leadership, character, and service.

As a student, keeping my grades up has been a great concern. By participating and asking questions in class, I began to understand the learning content much easier. With the knowledge I have now, I have prepared myself for future situations. My commitment to receiving an education is reflected by my grade point average. Throughout my school years, I have also been noticed for other rewards. 

My experience has allowed me to develop important leadership skills that will affect the actions I take. During the summer of 2018, my local catholic parish organized a foundation where school supplies was donated for our sister parish in Rutledge, Tennessee. This particular area in Tennessee, families live in poverty and children have a disadvantage toward their education. After collecting the donations, we traveled down South to give the children what we collected. Once we reached our destination, we met with their spiritual leader who was very excited to see us. He led us to the large group of children, and we gave them a backpack with supplies just for them. Throughout the week we participated in activities around Rutledge, Tennessee. This trip represented leadership because I was a role model to the students in Tennessee and at home. My actions will hopefully encourage others to keep the tradition of helping others in need. 

The many characteristics that I carry will benefit my future. I am very reliable for the events I take place such as faith formation, school, clubs, and extracurricular activities. My integrity is represented by the responsible choices I make. By knowing right from wrong, I have made decisions which focus on dreams which I wish to pursue later in life. Qualities such as these may also be used to influence others who want to reach their goal. Although my character represents me, I would encourage others to be the best versions of themselves.  

My community includes many hardworking people who have supported our school in many ways. For example, my local lady organizes a bible school program in Glidden. At a young age I attended this program, and it has impacted my life today as I continue to practice my faith. Once I reached high school, I was given the opportunity to be in the classroom teaching children what I have learned. Every summer I volunteer in this program, resulting in earning in 95.5 hours of community service. The time I spent volunteering in my district has only pointed me in the direction of helping others in my future. 

The skills and abilities which I have contributed to my community have been effective toward reaching my full potential. My achievements have been reached as I express the qualities of a good citizen who wants to help others. I have dedicated time toward helping others throughout my community and I can only wish for others to do the same. By showing the qualities scholarship, leadership, character, and service, I have worked hard in reaching the National Honor Society expectations.



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