The Second Amendment Essay Example

What would you do without guns? Guns have and will help us with many things.  We can go hunting, and protect ourselves.  The second amendment states, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  When we go hunting it keeps all the animals’ population under control.  It is our right to carry a weapon or even to own a firearm.  This became a right in 1791.  The law isn't the problem, it is the idiots that don’t have brains do stupid things.  This amendment has made it 200+ years and it shouldn’t change.  We need to keep this amendment the same because we have to protect ourselves in time of emergency, if you ever need to put down livestock quickly, and to go hunting.  

We need to have gun rights/ continue our rights in case of emergency.  “One Tuesday morning, in January 2012, Samuel Cutrufelli, a 30-year-old convicted felon, broke into Jay Leone’s home and stuck a gun to his head. Leone, a 90-year-old resident of the small unincorporated community of Greenbrae (just north of San Francisco), he was tied up, and Cutrufelli began ransacking the home, looking for loot. Leone convinced the home invader to allow him to use the restroom, where he retrieved a handgun he kept hidden in the toilet tank and confronted Cutrufelli.  Cutrufelli responded by shooting Leone in the face.

Seriously wounded, Leone was able to return fire and wound Cutrufelli. Cutrefelli was able to wrestle the gun from Leone’s hand and put it to Leone’s head, pulling the trigger. Fortunately, the gun was out of ammo. He fled the scene but was caught a short distance away. Both were taken to the hospital, where Leone underwent weeks of hospital care.”  This could have ended up so much worse if the old man did not have a gun.  Everyone should continue to have the right to keep guns in our homes.  Some may say you may do more damage than good, but in reality you would rather be robbed and shot to death or injure the person that is trying to kill you.  Yep that was a hard one…. Ever thought on how livestock is put down if vets don't come, or are hours away and the animal is suffering? 

 If a vet can't come out and your animal’s are suffering, what do you do? My family owns a family ranch and it is a good hour to the nearest vet. That is saying that the livestock that's suffering is not 100 acres away from one of the entrances. It is way easier and more cost effective to just shoot the livestock animal. If you have ever watched a horse or some cattle be euthanized you would know that being put down by a gun is better than medicine.  If someone gave a lethal dose of medicine to a horse, it would be over a half hour. This process can’t just be done all at once. The horses don't want to lay down but there is enough medicine in them that makes them lay down, so they try to get up, but can’t so all you see is them almost flailing to get up.  It is very sad.  If we just used a gun it would be over quick and easy. “Gunshot leads to instantaneous death, is inexpensive, and does not require close contact with the livestock.” It is over three hundred dollars to euthanize. This is some of the many reasons why everyone needs gun rights.  If the opposing side believes that giving livestock animal medicine then you clearly have not seen the difference between the two. If your horse gets euthanized you will always remember that.  If your horse gets shot you will forget after a while. Who hasn't gone hunting, or to a shooting range before?

Hunting is helpful for keeping the population in check, relaxing and satisfying when you hit a buck.  Hunting keeps the population in check. So they don’t over graze. “Hunters and hunting organizations promote the idea that the environment benefits from the act of hunting because it keeps wildlife populations in balance and that didn't happen they could be facing serious struggles, animals starving to death or dying a slow and painful death by disease.” It keeps them from having a slow death from over population. Also this source states, "Hunting helps manage wildlife, and without firearms, it would be nearly impossible to carry out that mission. Shooting and hunting are inextricably linked.” Some may say that hunting is bad, well then we can watch them over populate and have a long and suffering death from assortment of things. Every dollar that is spent to get a tag/license goes to the  to support wildlife management programs, or to environmental programs. It also goes into saving the environment, or gun safety classes. These are just some of the many reasons why people who are eligible should own a gun.  

This amendment should be able to continue this right because we have to protect ourselves in time of emergency, if you ever need to put down livestock quickly, and to go hunting.  Almost 50% of U.S. citizens that are eligible take advantage of this amazing right/amendment. We all need a gun at some point in time. What if you needed one and this right as unavailable? Go and get yours now at the local Shoppers Supply or gun store.

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