Life in the 1960s: The Civil Rights Essay Example

“Lightning makes no sound until it strikes” - Martin Luther King Jr. 

This is a quote from the Civil Rights Movement. It meant African Americans were silent until they struck, and  when they struck they made something happen. When they struck they caused events like the Freedom Rides and the March on Washington. The 1960s were a happy but fearful time from the assassinations of important people, Civil Rights, and history-making music.

During the 1960s, there were gruesome assassinations of our nation’s leader and an important Civil Rights figure. John F Kennedy helped get a man to the moon and end segregation. He was killed because some people did not agree with what he was doing as president (History). Martin Luther King Jr. was killed because he had a dream and wanted to make a difference. People did not agree with these leaders, so they assassinated them and they threw the nation into mourning for and fear for what would happen next (JFK library). America still did not give up and they kept fighting in the 1960s.

In addition to the assassinations, the Civil Rights Act was a large part of this decade (History). The Civil Rights Act ended segregation in public places, and made discrimination on employees based on race illegal (History). Now African Americans could have more freedom and a better life. Even though places were not segregated any more, African Americans were still not welcome in these places and treated unfairly. If they went into a restaurant to get food they would be met with violence and kicked out.  Some people still wanted places to be segregated, like the Klu Klux Klan.

Even though  the 1960s had a lot of  bad times, good things do come from it. Much of the music that was written during this decade is music that we still know today. For example, the Beatles, almost everyone today still knows the Beatles. They changed music from being blues to rock and roll (PBS). They even have a documentary about them called 8 years on tour! (PBS). The Beatles gave many people a reason to show who they are and their personality, like how people decided to do their hair and what clothes they would wear. The Beatles were the hope that this decade needed.

There were many other musicians during this decade like the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Beach Boys, and Elton John. There were many famous musicians that we still know their names and their music, but the Beatles were the most influential. This was a very important decade.  It has molded our world into what it is today, from assassinations, Civil Rights, and history-making music. This decade has changed the way many Americans live their lives. Could you imagine a world with segregation, no upbeat influential music, or a world without the influence of John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King?



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