Is it Social Media's Fault that People are Doing Dangerous Stunts Because of YouTube Essay Example

Is it all YouTubes fault? People are eating Tide pods to become famous. People are attempting dangerous stunts to get fam. When people try these stunts they could end up seriously hurt or even worse killed. It’s not YouTube’s fault that people are attempting all these stunts. People do stunts, to get fam and likes they don’t care if they get hurt.

Is YouTube trying hard enough to stop kids and adults from trying dangerous stunts? People do these crazy stunts like the Tide pod challenge and the cinnamon challenge, this is only a few of the dangerous challenges. People film themselves and then post it on social media. People do this for the attention. They want views and to become famous. People need to understand that doing these stunts could lead to serious injuries.

It is not all YouTube’s fault people have been taking risk. They have been taking risks  long before social media. Ancient Romans packed stadiums to watch gladiators battle each other to the death. In the 1800s “human cannonballs”-people launched into the air by powerful rubber springs. This was a big attraction. Also, in the 70s, the legendary evil Knievel earned fame for his death-defying motorcycle stunts. People have been doing dangerous stunts long before YouTube. YouTube is not the one you should be blaming for all the dangerous stunts that people are doing.

At first glance, it may look like it’s all YouTubes fault for people doing these dangerous stunts. However, it’s the people that are choosing to do all these crazy and dangerous stunts, all for the fam.

It’s not YouTubes fault that people are doing these dangerous stunts. YouTube has tried many ways to prevent people from doing and posting their dangerous behavior. But people do it anyway. They do it for the fam. It’s up to those who want to make a change in this society to help people to learn that what they are doing is bad for themselves. YouTube can’t be the only one trying to this.



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