Immigration Essay Example: How it Affects Our Lives?

Immigration Essay Example: How it Affects Our Lives?
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📌Published: 09 November 2020

A place full of diversity, a melting pot not because of the number of immigrants this country has but because of the vast and wonderful culture and tradition they brought with them to show and share to others. They share history and help fuel economic and political growth in each country. Build a nation from soil up to benefit not only one but all. They say that an immigrant is a person who departs from his or her place of residence whether its within her country's limits or across an international border, it can be temporarily or permanently for a variety of reasons. It is considered a migrant so America truly is a nation of immigrants. Immigrants are wonderful people who have brave souls and gracious spirits who are willing to take on jobs that others neglect, so why do a lot of Americans is against the idea of immigration when the reality is that America can gain more than lose especially with the new generation of migrants.

Immigration is a part of every nation, it helps to mold and develop culture and understand others. It's been happening for centuries now it’s the reason why a place called the newfoundland was discovered and renamed the Americas. The reason why the Spanish conquistador looking for spice found the Philippines and conquered it and because of this, the Philippines was brought to the world and was culturally influenced because of this conquest and so are the other countries around the globe. 

So why is immigration important? The reason may vary but one of the importance that immigrants brought to the Americas is their culture because of this the Americas become a country full of diverse traditions from having a tailgate party to its Independence Day America. “Immigrant came to this country for religious and political freedom and some came to America for economic opportunities, some went to the U.S because they want to escape the war that is happening to their country and since then the Americans were able to adapt parts of their culture and so does the immigrants, they also help fuel industrial growth, help build the railroads and worked in factories, mills, and mines. They also became active in labor unions and politics and they demanded American reform (quizlet chap 5)”. America wouldn't be this wonderful country without immigrants. Aside from this wonderful tradition that they brought they also brought economic and social growth to this country.

Another question is what is their academic impact on American society and what does their age have to do with it? In an article written by Suet-ling Pong and Nancy Landale they state that "this is a backbone for immigrant success stories"  this is because a child who first came to America with a very weak language often gets discriminated against by others; it could be their peers, classmate, and even their teacher. In an article written by Christina Spears Brown, she even stated that " immigrant children may or may not be aware of discrimination" since young children tend to be unaware of their surroundings and oblivious of things they would think that putting them to an ESL class is just part of the norm since they are new a certain place and it is part of that country school regulation to put new student to enhancement programs. While this could be true in some cases by most often it is because of the certain stereotype they put on a specific ethnicity.

Therefore because of these challenges and discrimination that immigrants often place in a new environment, they become strong and motivated and they develop positive ethnic identity.


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