Essay Genital Female Mutilation: Why it Should Be Banned

Most countries surrounding the world practice female genital mutilation. Female Genital Mutilation involves the total or partial removal of the female genital organ, and which in most countries is considered an illegal act. Female Genital should be banned so that infections and female sexual health issues leading to divorce from marriages will be minimized, so that high rate of psychological and mental problems with victims will be reduced, and so that human right violation will be reduced in such countries.

The clitoris is one of the most sensitive parts of the body of a woman. The removal or damage to such a highly sensitive genital tissue with unsterilized pieces of equipment such as blades gradually leads to infections and some severe female sexual health issues. Severe infections associated with female genital mutilation include chronic genital infection and its treatment is too expensive and unfortunately, most of the victims of female genital mutilation can’t afford the money for the treatment and this can eventually lead to the death of the victim.

Countries that practice female genital mutilation have caused a lot of harm when it comes to sexual sensitivity and sexual problems in marriages. Every married couple is entitled to satisfy the partner sexually in the marriage. Due to female genital mutilation, most victims (female) find it difficult to satisfy their partners during sexual intercourse due to the scars, pain, and traumatic memories associated with the process. This reduces the victim’s sexual desires for sexual intercourse, and this leads to broken homes and divorce from marriages and can affect the victim mentally.

After going through a lot of pain, and abuse, victims of Female Genital Mutilation encounter traumatic psychological problems and victims are mentally affected as well. Victims become depressed, post-traumatic stressed, and victims tend to have low esteem. Psychological problems can drain an individual both physically and mentally to the extent that victims do not feel like living anymore      (commits suicide). 

Female Genital mutilation is one of the causes of the increase in psychological problems in most countries. For example, a victim that got divorced and thrown out of her matrimonial home due to the fact that she can’t satisfy her partner sexually will be depressed, will feel unwanted and can even go to the extent of committing suicide. And who is to be blamed? Most victims of female genital mutilations in most countries especially, in African countries, are found in the psychiatric homes just because they are mentally psychologically unstable meanwhile; these victims can be productive and contribute to the development of those countries.  

Most victims have low esteem and feel like even if they are to contribute no one will hear their voice. If female genital mutilation is to be banned, the people that perform the act on the victims will do a good job not only by reducing the high psychological problems with the country; but they will also be helping their governments by protecting the rights of the citizens.

Female genital mutilation violates the right of the victims involved in the act. Even if there are no laws in those countries to protect the human right of the citizens (which, of course, is impossible), there are natural rights every single individual is entitled to and is to enjoy and benefit from those rights as humans. The right to live and the right to liberty are examples of natural right every human is entitled to. The unbelievable part of this practice (female genital mutilation) is that females (children and women) between the ages of fifteen and forty-nine years are mostly the victims of this abuse. How on earth can one be wicked to a fellow human being? 

Female genital mutilation tends to abuse and violates certain rights such as the right to health, the right to be free from violence, the right to life and physical integrity, the right to be free from cruel acts, inhuman, and degrading treatments. The use of sharp and unsterilized pieces of equipment on women and children induces so much pain and may lead to bleeding and even lead to death depending on the extent of the pain and bleeding. Introducing a person (victim) to health risks (since this practice has no health benefits) is considered as the violation of the person’s right, which makes no sense and hence must be banned for everyone to benefit from both human and natural rights equally.

To preserve the sexual health of victims of this cruel act, to minimize the psychological problems on victims, and to protect the rights of victims, general and public education about the health risks and other negative side effects of this practice (female genital mutilation) must be understood and be made clear to everyone in order for people to treat every human equal.



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