Society’s Perception of a Perfect Image is Just a Label. A Stereotype Essay Example

Society’s Perception of a Perfect Image is Just a Label. A Stereotype Essay Example
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Do I think it is a worthwhile endeavor to spend considerable time and money on creating a perfect image? Personally I don’t have the luxury of time or money to create “A perfect image “as society so deems. The more I explore this topic, I have found that my answer is not as straightforward as I thought to be. Depending on certain circumstances and situations, my answer to this question becomes a yes from a no. I could say no but then I would be completely dishonest will myself. I feel in order for me to answer this question, I will have to firstly understand what Is perceived to be a perfect image and what role it plays in our society, our country and culture, and how it affects an individual mentally and physically. Most importantly what does a perfect image mean to me? Throughout this essay I will discuss and explore this topic more extensively.

A perfect image can be understood differently by each individual. Social media portrays people with beautiful physical features to a perfect image. A perfect picture can receive a 1000 likes and comments on Facebook. The individual would have taken Considerable time to create that perfect picture. Is this the true reflection of that person in the picture, we do not know but we like what we saw. This person had achieved the desired effect by receiving attention which probably improved their confidence about once self-image. All the time spent in creating their profile picture was worthwhile. In this case, yes it is a worthwhile endeavor. Also a profile creates an impression of one self.  A study published in Psychological Science in June 2014 found that even small changes in the same person’s picture could result in a dramatically different impression, with an instant’s glance showing us a person we would like to spend time with or a person we unconsciously find repellent.  

Another perception about having a perfect image is having a lot of money and material possessions. Does money really buy you a perfect image? Yes, you will gain popularity amongst society. It will be because of the material possessions you have and not because of the person you are. People will be more concerned with what you have rather than what you can offer them as friends. Having money can also allow you to change your physical appearance which society will call a perfect face or body. Will you be truly happy with yourself? That depends on the individual. Money is said to give power and it creates classes in society so that people are ranked based on how much money they have. Wealthy people are always associated with a high level of education as they can afford the best private schools and universities. If an image of you being well educated lands you good jobs and business ventures then yes it is a worthwhile endeavor.

Relationships with friends and family affects our self-image. self-image is an impression of ourselves to the society. The way in which we carry ourselves and behave in public builds our reputation. Associating ourselves with certain types of people with good morals and values will project a positive image of one self to society. Associating yourself with people that do drugs and that don’t hold a steady job will create a negative image on yourself as you will be accused of having the same negative characteristics of your jobless friend. Yes, it would be in your best interest to keep in the company of good friendships and it will be a worthwhile endeavor. Individuals will be defined by the company they keep but not all individuals are easily influenced by their acquaintances. The reality is surrounding yourself with people that have a positive attitude will reflect a positive image to society. Irrespective of how strong willed you are, pre-pressure can sway you to tarnish your respectable image to society. 

What does a perfect image mean to me? I believe there is no such thing as a perfect image. Perfect image is viewed differently by diverse individuals. In my opinion perfect Image is an outward appearance of a person. Your looks and material possessions are taken into account when characterizing you under the perfect image category. I did mention that I do not have the time and money to achieve the so-called “perfect image” but I do have an image. I am a faithful wife, a loving mother and a hard working woman. I do not post airbrushed pictures that receive that 1000 likes on Facebooks and I don’t own that red Ferrari. Do I care if society perceives my image as perfect? No! What matters to me is how I am looked at through the eyes of my child, to him I am the perfect mom. Society does not define the person that I am. I define my image by my actions and achievements. 

In conclusion, to me spending time and money on achieving a perfect image is not a worthwhile endeavor. To the world and society yes the perfect image is important. statistics from the Canadian Women's Health Network, in Canada today, almost 90% of women and girls are unhappy with the way they look. This is because society's perception of having a perfect image is looking skinny or light skinned. To me losing weight and dieting should be done to become healthy and improve one’s well being. The question should be asked, are you a follower of social norms or do you make your own guidelines. I fall under that 10% of women that don’t care about body image.  You will either obtain a positive or negative image within your society irrespective of what you do. When you go through life with many difficulties and overcome many obstacles, you reach a point in your life when you just don’t care what society thinks of you. Who and what you are cannot be defined by a society. The perfect image is just a label and it’s not worth the time and money or money to endeavor.


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