Essay on Cellphone Addiction That We Have Today

Everywhere I go...walk...turn...I see people on this little thing in the palms of their hands called a...cellphone. Everyone seems so glued to it even little kids to adults. Imagine this, You forgot your phone leaving for work and are barely a mile away from work, you go through the ideas if you really need your phone today. Your heart starts racing, pounding so loud you can only hear a ‘baboombaboombaboom’ and nothing else. If this creates an anxious feeling inside, then you may have something I call nomophobia. 

Yes, Nomophobia is a real thing. The scientifc definition is exactly “cell phone addiction” and over 66% of people in the world have claimed they suffer from this. More than half of that percentage is made up of teen aged kids. In my opinion if we looked up from our phones for just a little bit we would see an amazing world full of love, selflessness, knowledge, empowerment, but we would also see hurt, poverty, hatrid, and stupidity.My heart breaks for the people who haven’t realized this about the world yet. Imagine if you never looked up; how boring the world would be with nothing new. The only things you see are whats in the palm of your hands. It’s really scary to know that the future of this world only feels comfortable talking to each other through a screen. If we can’t talk to each other on a regular basis, how will we do it when a time of crisis really does happen. 

Almost everytime I try to talk to someone in person they just keep their phone to their face and say “hmmhmm”, not only are they distracted but it is also rude. I have noticed that people who seem addicted to their phones often have less respect for their surroundings. Imagine if their was a nation wide no-technology day, and how awkward it would be. Human interaction should not be like this. The only way to get to know someone is face to face not by emojis. Face to face shows what the person is feeling and thinking. In my eyes emojis can never work up to a standard like that.



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