Reflective Essay on High School Experience

Reflective Essay on High School Experience
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📌Published: 18 April 2021

There have been very few events in my life that I would consider life changing which have both impacted and inspired me so much to the point where it changed my outlook on life. One incident that changed me is when I moved schools. Everyone has to do it at some point and maybe multiple times, but one of the most changing experiences was beginning high school. Mostly everyone changes when they start high school. People lose friends and gain friends and grow up and become young adults. 

In middle school I was friends with all the popular people. I was a rude person and thought I was better than everyone else. We were an exclusive group and only really talked to each other and the popular guys group. We thought we were superior and could be rude to anyone we wanted and no one would do anything about it. When I started going to high school I realized nobody even cared about who is popular and who isn't. All the cool popular kids from middle school just become regular kids just like everyone else in high school. No one else is better or worse. You really realize how much people don't care about what your doing and how everyone's main focus is themselves in high school.

High school is very humbling and teaches you many things about life. I learned that no friends are going to stay with you forever. You gain friends, but you also lose some. Most people also get into relationships in high school and that can teach you a lot too. I fell in love in high school and it taught me a lot. I have learned that forgiveness is the key to almost any relationship you have with someone. The people you meet and interact with have a huge impact on your life. Just from being around many types of people I learned that it's better to just be kind and mind your own business is high school. I also now know that all school events and opportunities like prom and homecoming are super important life experiences. I’ve learned I should never give up whether its on an important person in your life or just maintaining my grades.

High school is one of the most memorable and important things in life. It's an opportunity to find yourself and change in many good ways. I became more knowledgeable and I now realize what's really important in life. You lose many people and you also gain amazing new people in your life. I accept loss and appreciate what I have gained. I also know that anything bad that happens to me in high school won't matter when I have moved on to college or have a family and my own home. I go to school now for the purpose of getting my work done and making new memories and friends along the way. I truly believe that high school has changed me in many good ways and I have learned so much about myself and life


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