Essay on Education in Out-of-state Colleges: Pros and Cons

College tuition is becoming more outrageous year after year. Many students would love the opportunity to attend a college, but cannot fund it. Student loan debt is up to 1.56 trillion dollars in the United States and keeps growing. With college tuition rapidly increasing over the years something has remained the same, the student aid.  Mark Pocan says, “By making college unaffordable and student loans unbearable, we risk deterring our best and brightest from pursuing higher education and securing a good-paying job.” (2019) Recognizing the issues with the availability of student aid, the mental status of the student, and unbearable debt is crucial.

Students do not realize what effects college has on them when they move out-of-state. According to the article Should You Really Go to College Out of State? Pros and Cons by Samantha Lindsay, moving out of college can cause loneliness or even lead to depression. (2015) The depression college students’ might face could be because of their genes but the majority of the cause is they are not familiar with the environment. In the article Helping College Kids With Depression by Rachel Ehmke, she says that “college can act as a catalyst” on college students.

Dr. Roy Boorady says he gets “lots of calls first-semester”. (2019) Could all of these calls be due to being uncomfortable with the environment they are in? College is a big step in someone's life, not only are the students leaving their family, but it is the first time they will be on their own. This causes a lot of problems with the mental status of many students in college, especially out-of-state college. Moving out-of-state for college is much more difficult emotionally and academically. We as kids always had a backbone, we always had someone to fall back on when times got hard and they would be right there with us.

When students move away, they have a much more difficult time reaching out for help. Another stressor college students might have is not fitting in with other students. When kids do not feel good enough or like they can relate to anyone they are surrounded by this can cause depression. Many kids in college might want to fit in and “live the college lifestyle”. Rachel Ehmke says college students that have erratic sleeping habits, non-nutritious meals, and an unstructured schedule can make them feel “unglued” or feeling emotionally strained. Isolation can come from being emotionally strained and this can also be a pathway to depression. (2019)

At the College of William and Mary in Virginia, the in-state tuition is $13,570 while the out-of-state college tuition is $37,344 making the price difference $23,774. Why are colleges making it over double the price to go out-of-state? In the article Everything You Need to Know About Out-of-State Tuition by Ryan Chandler out-of-state tuition is more expensive because the in-state students have been paying state taxes, unlike the out-of-state students. (2013) In-state college students have been funding the universities and colleges their entire life so basically the college it rewarding them for contributing to their school for so long.

What schools need to understand is that out-of-state students still pay taxes for other schools, although it was not for their school directly, we had to pay them as well. Some schools realize how expensive it is for a student to move and go to school out of state they offer scholarships to help with the cost. This might sound great, but trying to get scholarships and grants enough to make up a $23,774 price difference at the College of William and Mary is a lot of hard work just to be the same as an in-state resident. That is not the worst. At the University of Virginia, in-state costs $12,216 and out-of-state tuition is $38,228. This price difference is $26,012 this is triple the istate tuition cost.  In a speech, Obama gave he said: "We have to make college affordable for every American because no hardworking student should be stuck in the red." (2019)

Everyone in life should be granted the same opportunity to go to college. “We cannot set up a system where students from low-income backgrounds have limited choices … and students from high-income families can pick any pathway,” said Carrie Warick, director of policy and advocacy for the nonpartisan National College Access Network. “They continually pick the four-year degree, if they’re from high-income families. Low-income students should have the same opportunity.” (2017) Majority of parents want their children to achieve more than they had the opportunity to. Although parents have the best intentions for their kids some parents can not afford to give them the best life due to money.  In the article, The Growing College-Degree Wealth Gap 10% of the students grew up in poverty. 54% of students with a bachelor's degree grew up wealthy. (2016) College should not be just for the wealthy. Kids should have opportunities and chances to prove themselves, especially if they grew up, not given an opportunity because of money.  

1.56 trillion dollars. This amount represents the number of student loans in the United States. There needs to be an end to the rapidly increasing tuition. Students should not have to worry about the affordability of college. Students should not have to be broken for wanting to further their education. College needs to be more affordable not only will this help with students who are stressed, but also increase the number of students going to college.  Debbie Stabenow said, “ (2016)



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