What Does It Mean to Be a Good teacher Essay Example

What Does It Mean to Be a Good teacher Essay Example
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📌Published: 27 May 2021

Today I visited the elementary school, Dr. M.E. Malakoff. I met with Coach Flores, who has worked for this school for a while. He used to be my coach when the school first opened. When I arrived, The first thing the coaches were doing was making sure the kids were all in their class line. Every kid begin dropped off has to enter the gymnasium and sit down in their class line, then when everyone gets there, the teachers are ready to walk the kids to the classroom. After each class has left the gym, coach Flores checks the schedule of what classes are coming in that day. He and the other coaches go over what activists are planned for the day too. At around 2:00 the classes who have P.E. that day start coming in. The kids have to sit in a line where little circles are placed. They start by stretching for 10 minutes. Later on, they continue with the activities they have for them.

The main activities they played are Cach to the flag, doucheball, and many more. Gym time is 45 minutes, so the coaches try their best to include every game for class time. The low experience of being a P.E coach is when kids that do not want to participate or have to be dealing with bad behavior. Coach Flores said there can be a lot of kids that do not follow the rules most of the time, but other than that the job is very entertaining. He told me that the experiences in his job have been wonderful and memorable. The qualifications he has are a bachelor's degree and a teaching license without a teaching license no one is allowed to teach in public schools. I observed that many kids will do the exercises if the coaches make the exercises fun, also I noticed that if a kid is struggling with any activity the coaches are always there to help them out with anything.

The advice the coach gave me was that if anyone is going to become a P.E. teacher at an elementary to not be too strict or take the job too seriously because at the end of the day you are working with kids. The kids lose interest in exercising if you are too harsh on them. The key is to have fun and enjoy it. He said if you really enjoyed being around kids and coaching that this job would difficulty be the right job for them. Overall, I really enjoy watching someone do something that they enjoy doing for a living. Begin a Physical Education teacher is not easy, it takes a lot of patience and dedication.


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