Personal Essay on My Long and Short Term Goals

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  • Published: 11 September 2021
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Everyone has goals, wether big or small. Small goals can last anywhere from a couple hours,  to four to five years. These are called short-trem goals. Bog goals, also called long-trem goals, cam last anywhere from 10 years to a life time. It's a good idea to set goals, ecspeically if you want to achive certian things iin life. You're goals will help you stay on track to achive them. I have two short-trem goals, and a long-trem goal that I would like to achive. 

My first short-trem goal is to graduate high school. Some goals I have set to help me along the way are bettering my study habits. Doing things such as studying everytime I have a test, revewing notes at least 3 times a week, and create a weekly study sheculde. One thing I want to do beofre I start high school is learn how to motovate myself. I am a big procrastnator. I never want to do anything and wait till the last mintue to get things such as  homework done.  I want to improve on all these things. 

My second shrt trem goal is to better my mental health. I  have multiple mental diorders and have been balttling with them for years now. I wish to start using my coping skills in times where I need them. SOme of my coping skills are 5, 4, 3, 2, 1; five things I see, four things I hear, three things I can tough, two things I can smell, and one thing I can taste. Another coping skill is taking a cold shower if possiable. Another step I would like to take to better my mental health is to take my thearpy sersioulsy and use the skills I learn. 

Lastly my long term goal I have for myself is to build my own house. SOme steps I have to take in order to avchive this goal is to get a steady, well-paying job. Desgin the house, and learn how to hadle my money in an approate way. I'll have to set up a savings account, and start saving for the house, plus start looking at part-time summer jobs. 

To summerize, I have talked about my three biggest goals, short and long term, and how I steps I want to take to help achive them.


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