Why I Like to Work With People Essay Example

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  • Published: 23 June 2021
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I am someone who is very outgoing and is always surrounded by friends and wanting to talk to new people. I took part in the German Exchange Program and when I found out who my partner was, I immediately contacted her so that we could start to build a relationship as soon as possible. When the exchange students arrived at my high school last year, my partner and I got off to a really great start. I was also able to make friends with the other Germans very easily as well. The biggest thing I have taken away from the experience was not just meeting new friends from another country, it was becoming friends with the other students that go to my High School. A lot of the students that I am now very close with, I would have never thought I would become friends with. I always enjoy these kinds of group activities and programs because I love meeting new people and talking to people that I normally would not talk to. I was also a Junior Mentor. 

I wanted to be a mentor because I enjoy helping others and really wanted to helps these freshmen have a better transition into high school and even a possible outlet when they need to talk to someone. Something that I did not expect from the program was again becoming friends with so many new and different people. When chosen to be a Junior Mentor, we are required to participate in a 2-day training program in Boswell, PA. When we arrived at Boswell, it was crazy to me how close everyone got and showed me how much I enjoy working with different people. Although I love working in groups, I am independent and very organized. I am a planner and when we have projects and deadlines in school, I always work as far ahead of time as I can in order to make the project as much of a stress-free process as I can. If we are not able to work on projects in groups, I am always able to get them done on my own without a problem. 

One thing that helps me when working on any project, whether that be in a group or independently, would be making sure I have a good relationship with my teacher. I always try to make sure that my voice is heard and never hesitate to ask questions. I am a very determined and a hard worker as well. When I was 11 years old I decided that I wanted to play ice hockey. But since I started playing at an older age, in order to make a good team, I had to teach myself a lot of the skills that the kids my age already had. I was originally a figure skater before I started hockey. I had to teach myself how to skate on hockey skates, shoot the puck properly, and lots of other skills in order to play the game. I had to work extremely hard to play the level I play now, but once I put my mind to it, there was no stopping me.



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