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According to the article “What To Expect The First Year Of College”, give tips on what are something to be aware of going into college being a freshman. Something I found very interesting about this article is how this freshman 15. What is freshman gaining weight have to do with college, Reading the article it goes deeper into how this can be important. It's interesting how our mind will allow us to emidentalty go to from one home style to something completely different. It talks about how during college that you're easily to gain weight faster than home because most of the meals are not home cooked and good protein and nutrientsThis is interesting to me because you can easily go from eating good working out and staying healthy and having a good body, to something completely different and how your body will react to all your new ways.

Something that I don't really agree with in this article is how about the community bathroom become gross. I understand how they can be nasty at times because of the ten or more people using three or four showers, toilets, and sinks. I feel like as much as money as students pay to live on any campus that they should make the community bathrooms much bigger for as many people that have to use them. It's a matter of germs that is very nasty to people.So yes they should make the community much bigger for the students.

 There is something that I agreed with throughout the article is you will get homesick, and that you will eventually overcome it. The reason why i agree with this is because of people come out of different types of homestyles and going somewhere away from home and family can be hard especially if you are new to whatever state or city that you are going to. Meeting new people to occupy your mind of home would help a lot. Your friends and family can just be a call of facetime away if you miss them. So I totally agree with student getting homesick a lot. 

The first Article “What To Expect The First Year Of College.” was more of a summarized explanation of what to expect when you attend college. I feel like this artiv=cle did not go into much details like it could've, but it did get the point across. 

The second article “Common Problems College Freshmen Mights Face.” was very in depth about the topic i loves how they explained more about why this and why that. It is more informal than the first one. 

In conclusion both of the articles are very similar because they both gave off  giving good information about what are thing to expect your first year of college.



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