Essay on My Future Career: Why It Is the Best For Me

Essay on My Future Career: Why It Is the Best For Me
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📌Published: 12 May 2021

The career that I want to have when I  grew up is really important. In my case, I want to be a software developer or a translator. I love both of this careers because I feel both of them suit my personality.

The love for technology come from my father because he also love technology since  he was a kid. Since I was a baby I remember how technology has present a big impact in my life. Also, the love for languages comes from my family. When I was nine years old I remember my father always was practicing English. He always used to explain to me why learning another language was so important. He always told me that learn a new language would give me more opportunities in finding a better job. When I search in the internet it help me to understand how learn english  or other language could help me to find a better job. This really characterize me try to find the answer to new things or the meaning of phrase that I do not understand.

My personality is something that I believe could help me in both of This careers. I am someone with an open mind, open to new things, also someone who is patient and that believes there is time for everything and a Connector (someone that really cares about other people opinions and apply it to their life). I believe my personality can suit both of This careers because when you are patient you can wait for actualizations in technology, you can wait and analyze what you are going to translate and do the best you try in a workplace. I consider that someone who is open minded can be a translator because it helps you to say what other people are saying even though you disagree, Or even in technology when you have to learn new bars of coding this help you to try hear the other person that is explaining to you and to try do your best about it. Someone who is a connector can fit in any place because is open to changes and as a worker you cannot be someone who is not open to changes, a worker needs to do what is told to fit the best way in the new job.

The software developing career is one of the most remunerated in the world. This can clarify me to be in this career, not just because I like it, but also because there is future in it. Even though technology could be stressful, being patient like me could help you make good decisions. Being a developer helps you to try do your best because the products that you are making are in its original base and you are the one that should make sure that it could be suitable for the public. 

Being open mind sometimes could help you as a software developer, things that some races could believed that are bad help you to think about it. Think about those things help you to try do your best when you are working as a developer. Maybe can be hard for someone of open mind to do his best respectively at the start but at the end with a hard work could lead to great things. Something that is really appreciate in the market about persons with open minds is that we are not stopped by race, color or form of being, A person of open mind will always try to do his best in front of everyone. What this means is someone that is open mind could either help you to go out of hard situations or can either help you to find the best way out of a problem. Finally try to being someone of open mind can help me either in languages or in software developer because allows me to find the best way to do my job.

Being someone who is a Connector could help you in multiple ways in a job, either by allowing you to understand your co-workers or either to understand your boss. A connector personality could help you to do also a better job by allowing you to try always do the best, clarifying your ideas with the help of other person. I find I was a connector since I was a kid, I love to hear other people ideas and applying in everything i do. A connector allows also other people to express their ideas and believings this could help me to be more an translator. This could help to be a translator because it allows me to heard what the other people is saying and translating with the same words they are trying to use in their own language.

I believe that my personality fit this carrier because it will allow me to do my best in this jobs. Be someone concerned about its abilities it could be the best option to success. Me and my ideas will help me to change the course of technology in the world.

I believe that my personality fits me to being a software developer because I am someone who love technology and the things that I want to introduce to this world will allow me to change this world. I believe that I could be a translator because my passion for learning new languages could help me to be a successful translator in the world, no just because I may translate for people that I don’t know but this also could help me to learn about them. Finally if I reach my goal I will be grateful for those like my parents and my friends that tell me that I was capable of doing that.

The Resolution of my personality is that i wanted be a translator or a software developer. I believe this careers fit my personality because they allows me use my open mind, my serenity and calmly stile plus an stronger connection with everyone will allow me to connect with people translating or learning new things in software developing learning new codes. Finally this whole essay shows who I am and in what I am interesting to study in College, also shows my personality and show from where i heritage those things.


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