The Pain We Feel Today Only Makes Us Stronger. Example of Life Story Essay

The Pain We Feel Today Only Makes Us Stronger. Example of Life Story Essay
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📌Published: 04 November 2020

Throughout my life, I have always pondered on my purpose, my goal, what I want to do when I grow up. These questions have always been asked by my parents, by my teachers, even friends, but I have never really considered it. The idea to choose a certain career path, a specific goal, a particular objective to define who I am and who I would want to be. I guess that it just depends on where my path takes me. I have always been a very social individual, an individual who takes flight on every advantage given to me. 

A person who takes leaps of faith no matter how deep the fall might be because I have the willpower to get back up and keep striving for what I want to achieve. My life has been filled with roadblocks, obstructions, pain, despair, but all of those frustrations are what make us as people stronger, wiser, and more evolved. Pain and loss are two key pieces to success in life. It teaches us how to forgive, how to forget, and more importantly, it’s what makes us human.

I recall a time in my past about how my father used to be abusive. He used to push me down, lashed at me, made me feel weak, weakened my mentality, but as I grew older, I have realized that all of that abuse, suffering, and pain has made me who I am today. My father and I have been in good terms as of late, but in my opinion, all of the heartbreak that I had to witness molded me into an individual who understands emotions. A person who can convey empathy at a personal level and can relate to someone regardless of the situation. Nobody is perfect, and nobody will ever attain that status of an absolute being, but the suffering we face today will make us an edge closer towards the goals we so desperately desire. The idea of suffering, feeling isolated, and alone displays a powerful message towards our minds. 

Us as humans are naive to comprehend these types of emotions, but those who could relate are fully aware of those hurting around them, and I feel like having this attribute impact our lives can undeniably assist us in reaching specific desires. Here is my food for thought; would you rather feel emotionless and not able to connect to others on an empathetic level, or would you rather have the skill to understand those that are hurting, to forgive those who have hurt you, and to keep striving for the goals that you want to reach?


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