Why it is Important to Have Inspiration Essay Example

Why it is Important to Have Inspiration Essay Example
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In a dark room where I sit next to a warm and yellow lamb flipping through pages being amazed by every “moving picture” in The Flash Issues #123 “Flash of Two World”. “What are they saying?” , “Why are they doing that?” thinking to myself.  At this point, I been in the United States for about 5 months now and my English vocabulary has not advanced more than just the basic English alphabet. “Đi ngủ đi” (a Vietnamese phase that means go to sleep) my dad says to me when the clock hits 10 p.m. Now that I’m lying down on my bed being frustrated because I could not figure out what was going on in the comic book. I really want to figure out what the book is talking about, what the storyline of the comic book is, but I couldn’t do it due to the fact that my English skill was really limited, I try to learn English through school and other after school programs but I couldn’t do it. People say when learning something new it can only be accomplished through hard work. However, it’s better when someone is being inspired when wanting to learn because it would push them toward the goal efficiently faster.

Moving to the United States at the age of 7 not knowing a single English word. Being forced to go to school, put into after school tutoring program just to learn English -- so he wouldn’t fall behind or being held back a year. Five months have passed now not knowing anything more than just A, B, C, through Z, parents are being frustrated because they sacrificed everything for their son to have a better future but he is not trying “hard enough” to learn according to them. He’s trying his hardest to learn English, but nothing seems to be clicking for him. Until one day a cousin of his gives him a paper-thin book with a lot of colorful pictures in all different shapes, and many different fonts of writing. Who would have known that paper-thin book has opened up a new portal that helped him learn English faster than anything else that was offered to him at the time. The urge of wanting to learn English in order to be able to comprehend what was happening in the book has pushed him harder than anything else. He has found his inspiration to learn the English language. 

Many people in this world, including the 7 years old boy were raised and taught by the people around them that their achievements can only be reached through hard work that gets put into it. It doesn’t matter if one finds joy doing it or not, as long as they’re dedicated to that one thing, wrapping their mind around it, and just have a tunnel vision focusing on that thing they will succeed. By going through this event he was able to realized that when one is going through the process of learning, he/she does not have to work extra hard for it to eventually get there; however, if that person can find an urge to motivate themselves into the thing they want to learn they will give their very best to learn it without any hesitations. After going through this he now looks for even the littlest inspiration as possible in everything he does so that it gives him that little push for him to work toward that goal that he want to get to.

One would argue that learning should not be fun, it should be all about the hard works, then fun -- that’s why there’s a saying “Works now play later.” On the other hand, in cases like this, people don’t often find joy in what they’re doing. Most people would find themselves to be bored and unmotivated to continue. This is where inspiration can come along to play such an important role for one to think about when he/she is on the edge of giving up. Even though inspiration and such can be useful when it comes to wanting to learn, but inspiration is all really about the idea of one being inspired in their head without physically starting the work.  One would need the minimum necessities to start off such as the time, effort, and availability that he/she is willing to put in for the progress. Inspiration at this point sounds like an imaginative and nonexistent element to urge one in doing something. People should know the difference between their “dream” goals and reality. One can just spend the whole day thinking, planning, and talking about how they’re going to start, but physically putting in their effort to make their goals into reality is another different thing. 

In conclusion, working hard is not a bad thing when approaching new obstacles but for others, putting in their time, energy, and effort is just not quite good enough. They might need that extra push to help them to get them started and eventually toward the finish line -- and that extra push is finding the smallest element that can speak to one’s mind to urge them. Inspiration has played such an important role in my life to get me to where I am today. I’m glad that I found myself to be interested in the paper-thin comic book 12 years ago. Without it, I don’t even think my English would be improved or anywhere near to my English 12 years later. Who would have known, at that moment, that comic book has helped me change my whole perspective about tackling a new obstacle.  Like a Vietnamese proverb that translates to English along the line hard work might die, but the inspiration in you will always be there.


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