New Type of Employment: Online Jobs Essay Example

New Type of Employment: Online Jobs Essay Example
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📌Published: 04 May 2021

The 21st century has brought many interesting online jobs. As a college student born in the year 2000, I have noticed technology and human initiative has allowed the internet to become an avenue for jobs. Traditional jobs remain because they are still necessary. Yet, the internet has enabled people to obtain non-traditional jobs as Youtubers, creators, social media influencers, and online sellers. 

I have observed that YouTube has created modern jobs for people as Youtubers. Youtubers make money by becoming partners and through advertisements shown on their channel`. According to Devon Delfino Nerd Wallet, Youtubers must reach the “10,000-view threshold” to become partners and then they can connect to Google Adsense to start making money through ads that show on their channel (Delfino).

Youtubers depend on viewers to watch their channel and get paid when they reach a certain viewpoint. I think that Youtubers who want to use the platform as a job have to attract viewers, but since YouTube is a unique platform, it has unlimited topics that people could cover. For example, I am really interested in gaming, animated videos, and entertainment videos, and I have two main Youtubers that I subscribe to. One Youtuber that I watch is called the Odd1Out. This Youtuber dropped out of college to pursue his dreams of creating animations and drawing. Now he creates animated videos and has millions of subscribers and “a network of 1.2 million dollars” (naibuzz). Another Youtuber I subscribe to is called DanTDM.

This Youtuber spends his time playing games and reviewing game content. However, just by playing games DanTDM has made “16.5 million dollars” (Gutelle). I believe that Youtubers have made money following their passions, this new innovative way of making money has created job opportunities. Additionally, YouTube has given people flexibility in their job because Youtubers do not have to upload their videos daily. I sincerely believe that YouTube has helped people follow their passions and gave them a flexible work schedule.   

Another way that internet jobs have contributed to the growth of nontraditional jobs is through social media influencers. Influencers are the advertisers in the social media business who help a person or company to sell their products. For example, the Kardashian family are influencers. As I was browsing on Twitter and Facebook, I noticed that the Kardashian family uses the controversy and popularity surrounding them to attract customers to buy their products. I have observed several of my friends wearing cosmetics made by Kim Kardashian. Though being an influencer is not just restricted to celebrities as average people could advertise for a company or person. For instance, while searching online, I saw Angie’s list using advertising pictures of kids and teenagers to promote their services. So, how is this job nontraditional? As many people could have access to social media influencer jobs, People get paid by being a living advertisement. In my opinion, since all the influencer's work is online, people do not have to have a set schedule, therefore less effort is applied in their job. 

People can receive unconventional jobs on social media by being creators. Creators are the people making the product and selling them on social platforms. For example, one of my friends wanted bigger sales for the novel she wrote, so she advertised it on Facebook. As her Facebook friends saw her post about the novel, they spread the information across the network and then my friend made her intended goal of money. I believe that social media platforms attract a wide range of potential customers, the creator should spread the product across the internet to get attention for their product. 

Online selling has created contemporary jobs for people. Online shopping is very convenient, and you can look up specific items. For example, two months ago I bought a MacBook charger from an independent seller from Walmart. With this type of online marketing and sales the seller and corporation benefited financially from me. Shopping online for the charger was more convenient for me than shopping at a store. Therefore, most people might agree that shopping online is easier. Moreover, online shopping’s simplicity is making the business profitable. According to Fareeha Ali of Digital Commerce 360, “Consumers spent $517.36 billion online with U.S. merchants in 2018” (Fareeha Ali). The online shopping is making money in the 21st century from its convenience and the ability to search up specific items. Additionally, online sellers are making profits by reselling their product on various online websites this gives them more platforms than the usual convenience store. I believe that online selling is a nontraditional job since people can find online products quickly and sellers have a large base of potential customers. 

Revision Conclusion: Workers in the 21st have a selection of modern jobs to choose from. I observed that people can become social media influencers, Youtubers, online sellers, and creators. These online jobs give worker’s flexibility, access to a large range of customers or viewer depending on their online job platform, the ability to make money from following their personal passion’s, and non-stressful job. Workers have a unique job experience that is greater than the traditional jobs some workers possess. In closing, I have noticed that workers in the  21st century have a wide range of jobs to choose from they could chose a modern job that can give them flexibility and wide range of online job platforms, or a traditional job.


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