The Impact of a Relationship Essay Example

The relationship that has impacted me the most is the relationship I have with my dad. A father: daughter relationship is extremely important. My dad has always been my biggest fan, because at one point we only had each other. I lived with my dad most of my life for several different reasons. My dad has always been my best friend, and I have always looked up to him for being the head man in my life.  

My dad has always taught me respect just by me viewing his respect towards people. I have always been beyond appreciative to my father, because he is a good man. My dad took care of me when. My mom went to the military, and he also took care of my grandmother while she was ill with cancer. In that process he was working 2 medical jobs, and he attended every school event I had growing up. He showed me that no matter what he will always go beyond to support me. He was technically considered a “single dad”, because he raised me alone most of my life. 

When my mom returned back from the Military she had my baby brother, and a few years later my baby sister came around. My sister and I have different dads, but her dad doesn’t step up. When her dad didn’t step up my dad stepped up which is another reason why I look up to my dad. It takes a strong man to take care of another's man child, and it is amazing. He showed me that everyone deserves love, and with the world we live in love isn’t shared enough. He showed me that no matter what he will always be by my side.  

I believe the reason why my dad is such a great father is for the simple fact that he didn’t have that unconditional from his father. My grandfather never knew how to love and be affectionate, because he did not get from his dad, which made it hard for him to show it my dad.He knows the feeling of needing a hug and not getting it, so he made me a very strong promise that I will never feel the way he did. I will forever be a big daddys girl. I always tell him how much I appreciate him. He taught me things like how a man should treat a lady. He taught me to always be honest with myself and others. He taught me respect, but most of all he taught me how to love myself. 

Out of the full 18 years I have been in this world my dad impacted me the most. He has been by my side the most. He has loved me most. He has cared most. He has understood me the most. He has been my biggest fan the most. He has been my super hero.  

If it had not been for my dad I would have been so lost in this big world. If it had not been for my dad teaching me and impacting my life in such a tremendous way I would have failed. I would be drowning in this big world of fears if it had not been for my dad who I call my super hero. I will apply and force all the knowledge he has taught me, because they are lessons that will forever live inside me as long as I live. They will be lessons I will one day teach little people I will one day call my kids. Being loved by my dad has impacted me through everything inside of me.



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