Personal Narrative Essay About My Life

Personal Narrative Essay About My Life
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📌Published: 06 August 2020

I had a best friend named indigo in elementary school. She was a mean girl. So I got tired of her bullying everyone. That day I went home with my other friend who also was friends with indigo. I and she decided we didn’t want to be friends with indigo. I asked my big sister what to do and she said: “tell her that you're mean to everyone and we can’t be friends with people like that.” I and my friend trey face-timed her and told her, she was very mad. Indigo yelled and called us “fake losers” and “ugly bitches”.

I was upset about it. The next day at school she started bullying us. I was so upset I told trey” we should go to the guidance office about her.” Trey was too scared to go to guidance. I had to go by myself and I told her. I told the guidance teacher “ I have texted message to prove her bullying people”. I showed them to her and then she called indigo to the office. The guidance teacher tried to give her a chance, to tell the truth, but she didn’t all she would say was “ I have no idea what she is talking about I'm a good person”. The guidance teacher shook her head and showed her the messages she sent me about other people.the guidance counselor asked her “why would you lie and be rude to other people”. She didn’t say anything all she did was a cry.

The guidance counselor told me to” leave” so the can talk alone. So I went back to class and told try what happened and she gave me a big hug and told me” thank you so much because I couldn't do it”. We both thought it was over but oh god it wasn’t. Indigo came back to the class and told us the consoler wanted to see but of us. We were so confused about what was going on intel we got to the office. She told us “ indigo feels bad about bullying us and wants us to be her friend again”. I shook my head no but she intended that trey, me and, indigo well sit in her room for lunch so we can get along again.

Trey and I told her we had no intention of ever being her friend because she was so mean. She tried to tell us that people can change but we didn’t want to believe it. The counselor made us do lunch in anyways. We got along pretty well but we never became best friends again. me and trey became best friends and still are today. I mean I learned a couple of lessons in this. Number one never hold a grudge and assume they can’t change because everyone can change. Number two, don't be a bully and never allow someone to bully you. Number three if your friend or someone you know is being mean tell them they are being mean. Number four keep your distance from bullies because it will never end well for you.


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