"Petals" Of My Identity (Essay About Myself)

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  • Published: 21 May 2021
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Identity defines my judgment and beliefs, and at the same time combines works that develop my personality. Similar to a flower, identity fuses my communities to a core and helps me sustain additional "petals" of my identity. At my core, I remain dedicated and dependable. My family, consisting of my parents and younger brother, continuously drive me to be the most capable version of myself.  Each petal symbolizes a community that encourages me to grow to my present self. It expresses that I cannot support the petals of my identity without maintaining a strong core. The sturdiest petal is my closest friends. While reminding me to remain trusting and honest, they draw out the most distant parts of my personality. They encourage  me to be outgoing and understanding. Extending out further from the center is my school community. Inspired by teachers and peers, I try to maintain a mindset focused on improvement and present my best efforts. The final petal of my flower is athletics, specifically soccer. When I am competing, my leadership and team skills become more defined and apparent. My coaches and teammates recognize the time and effort I put in to devote myself to the sport. Ultimately, each community supports the structure of the flower. Without every petal, holes form in my identity. Likewise, without my core, I do not have the framework to maintain other elements of my life. 

Growing up, my mom and dad regularly emphasized the true meaning of respect. They taught me that everyone deserves genuine compassion and admiration, and that I must communicate and behave politely. Courteous conversation and performance, however, should never stand between being true and expressing feelings when situations become unfair. My beliefs surrounding justice are mainly due to the influence of my household. As an older sister, there is a consistent confrontation when it comes to the differences in privileges between my brother and me. On account of the age difference, there are more advanced privileges in place due to my increased maturity and responsibility. I believe that fairness reflects upon an individual's capabilities, and for that reason, varies for each person. Differences in privileges spark a clash between me and my brother. In response to conflicts in my relationship with my sibling growing up, I learned how to deal with confrontation. Understanding that soothing a situation and reading all beliefs present can help calm conflict, and in many ways, avoid it. The basic structure of my identity such as my beliefs and opinions allow me to build up my communities. 

The second most influential petal of my identity includes my close friends. My interpretation of happiness encompasses the structure of my friendships. My friends allow me to be completely honest and encourage me to express my emotions. Because of them, I realize that happiness is a sense of peace and self-love. I understand that it is not solely influenced by my surroundings but by the people that surround me. They remind me that although happiness can evolve from success, success is not the primary factor that affects my emotions. 

My definition of success revolves around school. My academics are a substantial portion of my identity. School allows me to display my work ethic and academic skill. It allows me to appreciate society and drives me to embrace our differences by educating me on unfamiliar topics. It causes me to openly communicate with students about their backgrounds and beliefs. Although my family does not focus primarily on cultural traditions, school familiarizes me with various ethnicities present throughout history and the community. Moreover, my teachers inspire me to be cooperative and work well in the company of others. For this reason, I appreciate the importance of cooperation in schools, because it encourages me to understand and involve others in a non-competitive manner. Despite my understanding for cooperation, I still remain a competitive person. Growing up enrolled in a competitive sport, there was always an emphasis on competition. Sports allow me to embrace my competitive side, while still encouraging teamwork on and off the field. School and my athletics are the petals that have encouraged me to respect my core beliefs while pushing me to thrive. These petals have helped me flower into the individual I have come to be.

The influence of my communities considerably affects the characteristics I choose to disclose depending on my environment. My close friends teach me the value of structured relationships and prompt me to be honest and reliable. Academics ensure that I put my best foot forward and inspires me to collaborate with others, and athletics reveals my drive and passion. My core reminds me to be sincere to myself while providing knowledge I require to accomplish in life. As the petals of my communities grow to produce a unique flower, they work symbiotically to form my identity. 


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