One Mistake Essay Example

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  • Published: 06 June 2021
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“GOAL, I win!”, my friend Jacob and I were kicking a ball around on the school oval then “BANG”. A gigantic lightning struck lit up the sky like a firework and big, black, angry clouds were coming straight in the direction to our school. Everyone started screaming, alarms then started going off and it was the most irritating thing I’ve ever heard in my life “Noah what on earth is going on” said Jacob. “RUN” I screamed, “there’s an earthquake coming.” Just as teachers were yelling at us to come to the hall the ground started rumbling. “Oh no” I said to myself as a though popped into to my head, there’s power lines and trees all around the hall and that’s where the whole school is going to hide. I pointed at Jacob and told him and we just stopped, I said to him “if we go to that hall we are going to die.”

The sudden shock made my heart start racing so fast because I knew I had to make a life threatening decision. “Jacob” I said “ we need to make this decision are we going to listen to all the teacher's because they think  going into a tall and wide building surrounded by three enormous trees is a safe idea or go with our gut instinct and go to that small classroom that doesn’t have huge trees near it.” He stuttered and said “I’m trusting you on this one Noah.” Never have either of us never ran so fast in our lives. We saw everyone running to the hall, teachers and students yelling at us “QUICK get to the hall”, we just ignored them and ran rapidly fast to the nearest and safest classroom.  While we were running to the classroom everything went dead silent and still for a few seconds and by this point everyone had gotten into the hall by this point. It was just Jacob and I on this big oval all alone my heart has never raced so fast in my life, there was sweat and tears of terror running down my face, I was clueless and panicking. Both of us couldn’t believe this was happening to us, it felt like I was in a different world but…. The ground then started shaking so much I fell off my feet. “We are so close to the class Jacob, COME ON we have to hurry.” As the ground kept rumbling Jacob and I were trying to dodge the falling and flying objects that were bound to hit us any moment.

By the time we got to the classroom, we were so dirty from all the dirt had flown around, Jacobs hair which is blonde now by this point looked black. We walked into went under the teacher's desk and held on to the wobbling legs of the table and curled up into a little ball. Thoughts were running through my head, but I knew I had to stay calm and just hope for the best. “Noah, look at that tree on the right side of the hall it looks like it’s about to fall onto the” “CRASH”, two enormous trees fell on top of the hall everyone was hiding in. I have never seen someone with so much fear and so much sorrow in their face, I opened my mouth to tell Jacob everything will be ok but no words came out. We could not believe what we just saw, my eyes started watering, my whole body was shaking, I was hearing screams of misery, but new I couldn’t do anything because I didn’t want to get myself killed.

Twenty minutes had passed, which what felt like hours and the earthquake had gotten even harsher, not long after the two trees fell, power lines and other smaller trees that surrounded the hall started falling collapsing. I steady my breath and try to calm the panic that was building up inside my body, Jacob was just as scared. “That could have been us in the hall if we didn’t follow our gut instinct Noah.” About one hour had passed and the earthquake had finally died down and we were starting to see the beautiful sun again. We stood up to hear the sound of ambulances and police. All the fear that had been built up felt like it rushed out of my body, we screamed to the ambulance for help and ran over to the hall. I walked in and it was like a bloodbath, people I have known since prep had now lost their lives because of one mistake, not knowing where’s a safe place to keep cover in an earthquake. I couldn’t stand there any longer to see my long time friends now gone. It was just me and Jacob.

We sat outside anxiously waiting to hear back from our parents, we hoped with all our hearts were still alive. One police officer walked over to us and chatted to us about our bravery and how we did the right thing. He then not long after that tried to call our parents to see when it was possible for them to come see and pick us up. “Noah my baby your ok” happily ran over my Mum with tears of happiness dripping down her face. We hugged for about 10 minutes, then Mum decided that we should go home quickly in case there was another earthquake coming. Jacobs mum couldn’t get down to the school to pick Jacob up quick enough so we took him home with us so he was safe. As we were driving home my heart just dropped when I saw people miserable because of this death defying disaster that destroyed so many things. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, we all had finally cleaned up our town. “Ring ring” “Hello this is Noah”, “Hi Noah this is the head of the police department, we would like to let you know we are sending you and Jacob a certificate from your act of bravery.” “Not only that, but both of you are getting offered to go around to different schools and teach them what to do in a serious earthquake.” “Wow are you serious! I cannot thank you enough and I am very thankful for all your support” I responded with joy. The whole community was so proud of Noah and I.



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