Halloween Essay Example: The Clown

Halloween Essay Example: The Clown
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📌Published: 13 April 2021

I have been waiting for Halloween forever , and it's finally here. I threw on my orange sweater with a  face of a Jack-o-Lantern and some black leggings. My stomach grumbled. I decided to grab a snack so I won't be hungry while trick-or-treating. I went to the kitchen to get some Goldfish and then I suddenly paused. “Do you like my costume?”,my little brother exclaimed.My throat went dry. “I hate clowns, and you know that,”I murmured in disgust.His face was painted in a pale white color, around his eyes were blue and red triangles, and on his nose he wore a bright red clown nose.

He looked like a nightmare.I quickly grabbed my Goldfish and went straight back to my room without turning to look at my creepy clown brother. I was almost done with my goldfish, and then I heard the doorbell.  “Ringgg”, I ran to the door, and opened it. “Trick-or-Treat,”all of my friends exclaimed.They all ran and gave me a hug.One of my friends asked , “Are you ready for Trick-or-Treating?”. Then it hit me I forgot my candy basket to put all of my scrumptious candy in. I Quickly went to my room grabbed the candy basket and ran back outside. The stars were glistening in the evening sky.

A cool breeze hit my face making my hair even more untidy. The smell of fresh air lifted me off my feet. There was a joy and eagerness in the air. I pointed to a house decorated in cobwebs and with two huge Jack-o-lanterns on the porch, “Let's start with that one,”I said.As we were going from house to house my bucket got heavier and heavier. Finally it was dark and me and my friends walked back to our houses after a good Trick-or-Treating session. I rang the doorbell while clutching my colossal bucket filled with all kinds of candy. I waited in front of the door for a good two minutes, and no one answered the door. I rang the doorbell again. Finally my mom opened the door, and I walked to my room. I turned the lights on. “Boo!”,my brother yelled.He had jumped out from behind my room door.My stomach lurched. I yelled my heart out! “haha!”, he laughed. My hands were still shaking. Beads of sweat rolling down my face. After I realize what happened I laughed so hard I felt nauseous. My mom came running, “Oh my god what happened!’, she gasped. I explained to her the whole thing. After almost crying from all of her laughter, my mom left. I still couldn't stop giggling. In my head I was thinking all the little memories are worth remembering!


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