An Ideal Leader to a 16 Year-Old. Essay on Leadership for Students

An Ideal Leader to a 16 Year-Old. Essay on Leadership for Students
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📌Published: 24 April 2021

In a world of 7.53 billion only a few people are able to be effective leaders. Which can beg the question, are leaders made or are people born leaders? While a select few people are born with exceptionally important traits, the most vital ones are formed within people as they push through hardships in their life. However, some people were made to be leaders, to lead the world with a hand of guidance to create, what they believe, to be a better world. 

My ideal leader is a person who is committed to the cause they are leading, for every leader needs to be able to light the fire of change and drive within people but before they can do that they themselves must have a fire. Communication is the key to making the world progress in a safe manner, a leader should be able to voice any concerns they themselves have. On the other hand, they should be able to listen to the opposing  views and understand them, but they should not be easily swayed. Leaders let everyone know their decisions swiftly and stick to the decision, and the decisions they make are made with calculated risks and they know the consequences of their actions, but are able to look past them if it helps more people than it harms. They are able to look around every obstacle in search of a solution that helps the majority of people involved.

Our founding fathers were able to light the fire within the people of the American Colonies to stand true to what they believed would be better for them. The founding fathers helped show the true meaning of leaders through the war and long after. They did not give up on the American people after the articles of confederation failed, the Constitutional Convention instead met again to rewrite it to ensure that the new country could survive. They laid the framework so we today can disagree and still have a functional government.    

I envision myself as a leader in my community and school. I have helped coordinate and work on many projects that supported the people of my small town of 4,447 people. However, I know I need to further improve my leadership skills to better aid my community in growth, and to inspire the leaders who will rise after I have left the community in pursuit of my own ambitions. This is the reason I would like to be considered to attend the McConnell Young Leaders Academy. I would take the skills I learn during my time in the program to help continue to build my community through my BETA club and FBLA. I am currently running for the position of President of my local BETA chapter as well as Treasurer in my FBLA chapter. With these positions I have plans to help better our community through community service work. Within these positions I hope to be a role model to the people that come after me.


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