Compare And Contrast Community College Vs University

Two year community colleges should be looked up to before one decides to look into a four year university. People hear and think about college and automatically jump to a four year university but it doesn't have to be that way. Four year universities offer great programs and opportunities that some community colleges may not, however most community colleges offer a wide variety of programs for a much lower financial cost. When a student comes out of high school, their priority is trying to get into a good big college right away. This is not the case in many ways, most students think that to get a good job, they have to attend a four year university, however, no, a person doesn't have to do that. When entering into a community college, whether it is just to start for the first two years or to get a degree and go into the job force right away, a person has a wide range of opportunities of careers ahead of them, with low financial costs, as well as small class sizes, making it easier to learn for most people. Community colleges are looked down upon and should be brought to more people and students’ attention.

Community colleges offer great opportunities for a person to pursue. Community colleges prepare a person for a lifelong career as well as easier learning experiences. Most of the programs that community colleges offer will put learners in the workforce, just like one would at a four year university. Addison states, “The philosophy of the community college, and I have been to two of them, is one that unconditionally allows its students to begin. Just begin” (Addison 366). Going to a community college, whether it is just to start, or to go for their entire education is a great way to start their career and education. Community colleges have much smaller class sizes than four year universities do, which makes it easier to learn for most because of more one-on-one time and availability with the teacher. By having smaller class sizes, it allows less population of students, which leads to more attention to the small class, which will lead to better learning. Community colleges do the same teaching and people get learning as well from them, to go into a person's planned career, but only faster than a four year university because community colleges are mostly two years unless they plan to continue. 

There are many ups and downs to community college, many think that the pros outweigh the cons of community college. One is the flexibility of a community college. Community colleges offer more flexibility than four year universities. They offer a flexible schedule, assuming that most students will go at their own pace and that some students will only be able to attend night classes. This leads to the outside life of community college. If one is staying at a four year university far away from home, it is harder to travel home, it is hard to have an outside life, as well as it is hard to balance a work life along with it. Most people need to keep a steady job when going to college, so they have money to pay for it, of course, this just makes it easier. Addison informs us, “They offer a network of affordable future, of accessible hope, and an option to dream” (Addison 368). Community colleges offer students such a bright future, two years at a community college is financially cheaper, when it comes to college, one of the main concerns is students being in debt afterward for years and years. Community colleges offer a good financial process which offers financial aid which could make it ten times cheaper or even free, which are both less money than a four year university would cost someone.  Most people ask themselves, is college worth it, is it the best, most important option? Graff shares, “From a very early age, we get the message that going to college is a crucial step in life” (Graff 315). For many, going to college is a very crucial step in life, it can bring a person's dream career to reality. 

Many people do believe that college is the best option, however, some people do not go to college and think it is not a smart choice, but most people think it is the best option. When students go to a two year community college, they have more academic support. Having that academic support is extremely important, and most of the time with large class sizes, students don't get that. Two year community colleges should be looked up to before one decides to look into a four year university. From affordable tuition to flexible scheduling options, to smaller class sizes and more academic support, and lastly getting their dream career in a short amount of time. Community colleges sound like a much better option to continue education whether it is starting a career there, doing the entire college education there, or finishing college there, it is a great place to go. There are so many community colleges around for a person to decide from, most have a community college right in the area they live which makes learning much easier. In the end, two year community colleges are way more flexible than four year universities.


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