Students Phone Usage In School Essay Example

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  • Published: 29 April 2021
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Should school teachers allow phones during a school day? Most teachers do not allow students to use their phones in school; however, there are many reasons students should have access to these devices. Typically, every highschool student owns a cellular device. They use these devices in their day to day lives. Many people will agree that students should be allowed to carry and access their phones at school. 

To begin with, many children in a school system are involved in after school activities. Most parents plan arrival times at home or times to pick their kids up. Often, if a student doesn’t arrive home at a certain time, they tend to panic. If there are any schedule changes, students having access to their phones during the day could help drop the level of panic and stress brought to parents, students, and coaches. Allowing students access to phones would allow them to message their parents when needed. 

Importantly, students could replace complex school utensils with one smartphone. For example, on the calculator app for every phone, there is a simple calculator and a scientific calculator. Students may use this application in all classes, especially core math classes. There are also various apps students may download. Some of these apps include: duolingo, PBIS point system, and more. Allowing these devices would be convenient for students because they would not have to carry a large tablet around all day. 

Above all, Children should be allowed to use and carry their phones in school incase of an emergency. If children are in the situation of an emergency, they should be able to have direct contact with their loved ones. In an emergency situation, children may feel more safe as they are messaging a parent, guardian, or sibling. They may also let other adults around the building know what is going on if that situation is only affecting that hallway, classroom, or bathroom. Many children tend to freeze in the case of an emergency, if they were allowed on their phones they’d be able to tell the proper authority without the wrong person hearing it. 

All in all, allowing phones in a school day is thought to be necessary and important by many people. Students would have access to their parents if an after school schedule flip happened. Also, students would always have some form of classroom utensils available to them. Finally, many students would have quicker access to proper authority and their loved ones in the case of an extreme emergency. Cellular devices in the school system would help tremendously.



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