Essay on My The Most Vivid Memory

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  • Published: 25 June 2021
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Since I was old enough to remember, everything I’ve encountered or happen to see from a distance has been a life lesson. My hometown may be Palmdale but I used to live in Maywood and the neighborhood I lived in wasn’t safe and my siblings happened to get into bad crowds. I had no older sibling to look up to and as I got older I realized that I have to set a good example for my nieces and nephews because there’s no role model in my family that have graduated college or have made enough money to move into a good neighborhood. My childhood might have been different compared to most of the people I know but it’s motivated me to do better not just for me but for my entire family. 

One of the most vivid memories I have is moving to Palmdale and trying to pack my two friends in the back of the Uhaul truck. Although we got caught, it was one of the best memories I have from Maywood. By the time we had finished the house, my first niece was born and my sister had to take care of us because my parents worked all day and came home around seven or late than nine. Around this time my brother had gotten into trouble with the law, so he was sent to live with his biological father in Mexico. When he moved in with us, I had no idea who he was because I had little to no memories of him being in my life until I was around six or seven. Overall my family was already starting to do better once we moved. 

By the time I entered middle school I had lost all the best friends I had made in elementary so for a while, I didn’t talk to anyone until I met my best friend Valerie and Katelynn. They are the only ones who made my middle school experience good and we weren’t trying to grow up fast like the people around us. We made the best out of everything and tried to have fun and avoid problems in school and school dances. During middle school, I was going through phases trying to find what type of clothes I was comfortable wearing and made me feel confident but that was hard because my parents had gotten divorced and most of the time at home, I was sad and focused on my work to distract myself. Then everyone discovered what drugs and alcohol were and started peer pressuring one another. I was sad but I was smart enough to know that it wasn't the answer and I knew the consequences that came with it if I had tried it.

I think I'm in a good spot in life but soon things are going to start changing again. I am trying to grow up a little faster but not for the wrong reasons just to get a sense of what adulthood is going to be like. The older I get, the more my eyes start to open and time is just flying by so I try to make every situation better and enjoy every moment I have with everyone who is in my life. Soon I’ll be old enough to make my own decisions so, for now, I enjoy being a kid just with more responsibilities. Lastly, my friends and family are doing alright and there’s no conflict like there used to be and everything is falling right into place, slowly but surely. 

As a result, I've learned to be more independent and not fall for peer pressure. That although everything may seem hard and out of place, things are just slowly getting into place for the next situation. To sum it up, just have fun, surround yourself with people who care about your wellbeing and make wise choices.



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