My Dream Profession Essay Example

My Dream Profession Essay Example
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📌Published: 06 June 2021

Growing up I had a huge imagination, I was fond of writing journals about visiting far away lands and forcing my siblings to play “house” with me. As I got older I got myself involved with all types of arts such as drawing and acting, I soon found myself not being very good at drawing and I was terribly shy so performing plays was nerve braking. It wasn’t until my junior year of highschool when I decided to join photography, where I finally found my passion. Photography allowed me to create art without sketching and to tell a beautiful story without having to speak. If it wasn’t for photography I’m not sure I would of found myself going to college. Wanting to continue my education has put a big smile on my parents faces and has definitely motivated my siblings to work hard in school and go to college. Photography was an outlet for me and that gave me motivation to pursue a career, I hope to become a photography teacher and inspire young minds to create art. 

Becoming a photography teacher has been at the top of my list since I started college. I have always been told I am a patient person, and I think that's what it takes to be a good teacher. I love working with children and  being able to teach them new things especially when it comes to photography. Most of the time being a photographer is looked down upon for not being an actual art. What most people do not know is that so much emotion can be shown in a simple photograph, I know one day I will be able to show students the power of photography. I hope to finish temple college with my associates in art and then transfer to Texas State to earn my teaching certificate. I will continue to work hard for what I what in life especially;y when it comes to my career.

I know I would not be able to pursue what I love to do if it was not for my amazing support system. My parents are my biggest motivators, especially my dad. My dad was born an raised in Mexico until he came to the United states for a better life. Since the day I was born my dad has wanted nothing but the best for me, seeing as he had a rough life growing up. My dad has showed be that life will is never a fairy tale stories there will be ups and down but it is our choice to make the most out of it. Along with my dad I am thankful I have my siblings by my side. As the oldest I know I am a role model for them, it makes me happy noting they are proud of me. In the long run I hope to not only make my family happy but others around me, I hope to inspire and motivate young minds.


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