Diagnostic Essay: My Roommate Experience

Diagnostic Essay: My Roommate Experience
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📌Published: 06 September 2021

If I were moving into a new room or apartment to be shared with another person, the three items I would move in first if I wanted my possessions to reveal the real me would be my bed, cell phone charger, and my refrigerator. These possessions would reveal the “real me” since these items are of personal comfort to me, while also offering the chance to teach my roommates my boundaries as well. I prioritize my comfort and wellbeing, which is something I would love for my roommate to understand about me. Some people have terrible roommate experiences because they do not set boundaries. Some people have terrible experiences because they do not prioritize their comfort, so they do not have a good experience overall.

First, one of the three items I would bring is my bed. As I stated earlier, I prioritize my comfort, so my bed is a major factor. The best feeling after a long day is being able to lay down and get a good night’s rest. The way my room is organized down to me having somewhere to lay down after a long day of work and school all results in me having my bed as one of the first things to move into my room.

Immediately after, I would bring my refrigerator as the second of the three things I would bring. As another item that can bring comfort, this is also a necessity that will show my roommate another of my characteristics. Responsibility is an important characteristic for me, as it goes a long way when you are living with someone. Being able to have food, drinks and other items in an area will show the real me as I will be able to take note if my roommate respects my boundaries. Most positive roommate experiences stem from clear communication as well as when both people take responsibility for themselves, what they do, and who they invite into their living space. 

Third, I use my cellphone for a multitude of things, including watching movies and surfing the internet. This leads to my final possession I would have when I first move in, which is my charger. Having a charger is important so that my battery does not go out in case of an emergency. Having my charger could also be a way to help someone else, which could be if my roommate forgets their charger, I could share mine until they are able to get one. This will show my roommate that I will help if needed. I would not want my roommate to feel as though they cannot approach me for anything, so this would be a great starting point.

Comfort, responsibility, and support are three things that help represent the real me. Moving into an area, I want my roommate to know and understand these very important traits about myself to minimize conflict and have a positive, effective living space. This also opens doors for communication and bonding which are important in a living space as well. My bed, refrigerator, and cell phone charger being the first items in my living space are the best ways to see the real me.

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