The Rewarding Truth Goodbyes Hold. My Life Experience Essay Example

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  • Published: 21 March 2021
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It all started with the realization that a final goodbye exists. I remember myself before I learned the uncertainty of a goodbye. I remember that back then a goodbye was simply a phrase used when parting or at the end of a conversation. I grew to realize that a goodbye can signify change and therefore a loss of something, perhaps a part of your life you were unprepared to close the door on. 

Moving encompassed most of my childhood. At age six I came to the United States for the first time. I stayed for a year and went back to Bulgaria, then three years later moved to Belgium. Alas, America became the ultimate destination for me and my family. Throughout my childhood I felt as though I was living through a repeating cycle of moving, making new friends and a new home, all to say goodbye to everything after a few years. I longed for consistency and became infatuated with keeping things, family, and friends constant in my life. Thus the continuous repetition of change and moving from one place to another planted my subliminal fear of saying goodbye throughout my childhood. 

Every time I embraced my family at the airport as I boarded the next flight to an unfamiliar and foreign destination brought irrepressible tears to my eyes. I wondered, how many times must I say goodbye to my family. It all felt like a haze had fallen and I was unable to hold onto or control anything. It was exhausting. I grew to loathe and detest even just the thought of leaving a place I had set roots in. I knew that I would have to once again uproot my life, clean the slate and start at square one.

Though, it wasn’t the phrase “goodbye” that I feared, it was the uncertainty that it brought. I didn’t want to lose the things and people that brought comfort in my life. It wasn’t until recently that I was able to discern that a goodbye may bring the unknown but ultimately this uncertainty beholds a rewarding truth. I gained a new and positive outlook on saying goodbye and the change it causes. Moving has allowed me to see places with such grandiosity I only ever dreamed of and meet people from all over the world. To me a goodbye is now the key to unlocking new ideas and understandings of myself and the world. 

So, I suppose that in the fullness of time people realize that the anchor of consistency that many long to set or the roots that many seek to put down are inevitably going to be decimated. It takes intangible strength to say goodbye but the most wearing part is to accept that although a goodbye may permanently close a chapter of your life, it may consequently open new possibilities. With that, I believe that we may not fully understand where our goodbyes will bring us, but we mustn’t allow the fear of uncertainty halt change in our lives and in turn limit our ability to learn new ideas, gain new perspectives, and outlooks on our lives and ourselves.



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