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  • Published: 25 April 2021
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According to Savannah Snider, “The professional working world is one of the best classrooms when it comes to offering lessons in personal finance, including real-world tutorials on income taxes, budgeting, and credit”. This is important because teens are no longer considered “kids” and they should start being treated as almost adults and they should know how the real world will be when they become grown adults. Teens should work, not only because it indicates a source of pride but it also gives teens real-world experiences, teaches them to appreciate things more, and they learn the hood of adulting.

Those who think teens should not work believe that it is harmful physically and academically. First, teens could get covered in rashes, covered in rashes, covered in mud, and so tired to the point where they have no energy. Ben Sasse in “What To Do WIth the Kids This Summer, Put em To Work”, states “We would get home covered in nasty rashes, caked in mud, and bone tired. I’d go to bed in the late afternoon and sleep straight through till the alarm sounded again”(14).

It is important to consider because jobs should not require getting physically hurt. Next, work could be a distraction from school work and academic activities. Derek Thompson in “Teenagers Have Stopped Getting Summer Jobs- Why?” he states, “With tougher high school requirements and greater pressure to go to college, summer classes are the new summer jobs”. It is important to consider because without education teens cannot go anywhere or do anything they want to do. Although Teens could be physically and mentally harmed, work still indicates a source of pride.

Work for teens indicates a source of pride to use the money they’re earning and they learn the hood of adulting. First, teens are able to use and spend their money without asking their parents for it. Toni Morrison, in “The Work You Do the Person You Are” claims, “A job can be a source of pride for teens if they are able to use the money they earn to help their own expenses”(4). It is important to consider because teens love to be there own person and it indicates a source of pride which will make teens want to apply for a job.

Next, when teens find themselves working they also find it as the start of becoming an adult and staying out of trouble. Daniel Adkison, in “Drowning in Dishes, But still Finding a home” states, “Parents encouraged teenagers to work in the service industry after school and on the weekends. It kept us out of trouble”(8). This is important to consider because teens do not like to be called “kids” and if working is labeling them into becoming an adult they are going to want to apply for a job. Although work can indicate a source of pride, it also gives teens real-world experiences.

Work for teens gives them real-world experience from learning to prioritize to learning how to appreciate things more. First, teens when working know how to prioritize there wellness to work instead of partying with friends. Teens who do not work expect things to be handed to them and they have no sense in earning things themselves as teens who do work know how to work hard for what you want and that will help them out in the real world.

This is important to consider because teens who have real-world experience will tend to have a higher level of education. Next, Teens who work learn to appreciate things more than teens who don't. Teens who pay for things themselves are more likely to take care of it rather than the teens who use their parents' money. This is important to consider because teens who do work are less likely to ruin things that are there’s or even others possessions. Those are a few of many reasons why teens should work.

To conclude, I as a teenager believe that teens should work. Work gives teens a source of pride, real-world experience, they learn how to appreciate things more and they learn more about the early stages of adulthood. To sum up, I believe that more adults should reconsider hiring teens as their future employees.



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