Why I Want to Become a Lawyer Essay Example

The course I have chosen is Law. The main reason I choose to do an LLB program is that it is perfectly aligned with my professional goals. I want to be a lawyer. However, I do not wish to be just any lawyer. I was introduced to Lady Justice during my literature class. She has a set of scales and is holding a sword while her eyes are covered. She embodies the administration of the law in a fair and just manner. She emphasizes the idea that everyone is equal before the law because she is blindfolded and cannot see your status. You are nobody in the courtroom. The only difference is how well your lawyer stands up for your rights. I want to be someone dependable in front of Lady Justice, one that can uphold justice for her client with confidence. This course would train me to live up my dream as it requires me to know not only the legal aspects, but also policy, theories, and case studies. In addition, this course would equip me with sets of skills that are pivotal in becoming the lawyer I aspire to be when standing in front of Lady Justice. I will be trained to have good communication skills because stuttering lawyers are not convincing. It also would sharpen my research and analytical skills as I need to dissect multiple case briefs and find out why the judge decided his decision for that case. It’s like a clue game and I enjoy doing it.

I believe that studying law is not just about memorizing the content of the statutes only. Law touches almost every aspect that is crucial for a country. It is not always just for lawyers or the courtroom because Law affects all aspects of society; from the protection of life and liberty to corporate or international relations, law graduates can play a variety of important roles in a variety of professions. If somehow in the next 30 years I feel like I am done with being a lawyer, I could easily branch out to another occupation like becoming a law lecturer. I will not only be able to lecture the textbook contents, but I could also share my experience while being a lawyer and this would allow the country to have future law graduates that are prepared theoretically and also in terms of practicality. Law is a pivotal area of study as it ensures the country to progress smoothly and peoples who know law are an asset to the nation.

Growing up with a name that was constantly mocked taught me how important it is for me to be able to stand up for myself because no one else will do it for me. It took years for me to be able to confront people who thought my name was ‘funny’. The sad truth is, I am not the only one who is facing this problem. I want to empower people to have the courage to stand up for themselves. Someone once told me “you can influence people if you have a strong educational background, if your pockets are loaded or if you are famous”. As I am not gold spooned or well-known, I believe I can make a difference and spread the vibe to empower people only if I can secure myself with a solid education and become successful in my career. Any difference is still a difference. I can first start to empower people around me and give tips from my experience; how I managed to convince myself that at the end of the day all the mockers can do is talk. It’s easier said than done. However, I believe people around me would spread the word about my success. People would not know that it’s An Nisha Salma’s experience, they would know my story as “a friend of mine” when my friend told them about my story but I hope it will inspire them to chase their dream, to hold on to the phrase “go big or go home”. To be able to hear my story and think “If she did it despite having a rough start, then so can I”. It is important to have someone to whom you can associate that quote, someone who is in the same situation as you so you could relate to that person better. I know there are a lot of other people who are in the same boat as I am, getting mocked for something you have no control over. I also do know you can only empower people if you are empowered. 

People tend to view law graduates as book smart. However, I believe that I am a perfect ratio of both.  I have critical thinking skills that allow me to think thoroughly before proposing a solution. I believe that this trait of mine is highly valuable. I know my ground and I am not easily distracted. I know when to prioritize things. A moment of procrastination is inevitable, but I know myself enough to push myself and get the task done. I have sets of skills that allow me to succeed in multiple areas. I have experience in leadership as I was a prefect for 5 years, I have experience in debate and joined MUN conferences. I know how to balance work and life, I know my limits and I know that with me being your next scholar, I can challenge myself and discover more of myself. I am currently doing my foundation and I get fully funded financial help from the government of Malaysia because my parents’ salary combined is below RM10,000. I was studying my foundation for free and yet I still managed to be at the top of my game and scored 3.96. It is important to note that I am serious and determined about my education. I would not take the scholarship for granted. I will be one of your best investments.


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