Dual Enrollment College Courses Essay Example

Dual Enrollment College Courses Essay Example
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📌Published: 31 August 2021

Dual enrollment college courses offer you the opportunity to get a head start with your education and deepen your knowledge in multiple topics. Two courses that I have found suit me are ENG101 and MAT128. Both courses are challenging and informative, but they do differ in some ways. One course gives out assignments weekly and does not require a lot of reading, while the other course gives you all the assignments at once and requires a great deal of reading. The purpose of this essay is to highlight those differences and allow you to possibly decide which course you would like best. 

Each class assigns work differently. ENG101 posts around one or two assignments at a time. You then must complete them by the due date. This keeps you on the same timeline as everyone else in the class. MAT128 gives out all your assignments for the entire semester at once, and you are allowed to work ahead. This means that one student could be working week by week, while another student could finish the entire course several weeks ahead of schedule. When the work is given out week by week it can feel like a lot less pressure, as opposed to getting stressed out from seeing all your assignments at once. Getting all your work at once can be a good thing though, because it keeps you from worrying about how many assignments you will get in that class or what the work will be like. 

Reading is something that most people either love or hate, and most college classes will require some form of reading. ENG101 does not require much reading. For each essay that is assigned, you must read around one or two short chapters that contain information on how to write that specific essay and example essays. MAT128 requires a very large amount of reading. Each week you are required to read two to three long chapters. You then must answer in-depth homework questions and take a multiple-choice test for each individual chapter. The reading can be time-consuming and get boring at times, but if you like reading it probably will not be that much of an issue. 

Taking an easy class that does not challenge you in any way will not benefit you in the long run. Humans should always strive to continue learning and challenging their brains. ENG101 and MAT128 are both very informative and challenging, especially for high school students. Both classes require you to think outside the box, use time management skills, pay attention to what you are reading, and write on a college level. These classes will most likely become difficult at some point, but they both provide useful information and skills. 

These classes are fun, informative, and challenging. One provides the work in increments and does not require you to read very much, while the other provides the work all at once and requires you to read a lot of in-depth, long chapters. Hopefully, by reading this essay you discovered which class, if not both, you will enjoy and benefit from more. 

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