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  • Published: 10 November 2020
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An altruistic person is someone who is always putting others first before themselves. It’s a sacrifice they are willing to take in order to protect the person they care about most, before they worry about themselves . The definition of that person is my mom, she will constantly defend those she cherishes a lot, not only does she defend her loved ones she allows you to be yourself in front of her to prove the care she has for you. This kind hearted woman and I have a love for each other is unbreakable and I can feel the strength of it every day that goes by. A mother's love to a child is the most heartwarming feeling any person can have in their life, not to mention it builds a person's self esteem of who they are when it comes to that kind of support.

Holidays are those days she creates the most memories into my life to treasure the most; especially Christmas. It’s Christmas Eve, my family and I are getting last minute items before it’s time for the stores to close. My mom is in a rush to get some ingredients for her soup she makes Christmas morning. As we go to multiple stores she looks as if she’s ready for war to get her spices for soup, knowing around Christmas time posole is the most common dish to serve in a Hispanic culture. She never cared how late it was to get anything, either way she knew it was going to happen. When we get home she’s right in the kitchen preparing the soup and as my family and I are in the living room watching Christmas movies my mom is making hot chocolate and food being prepared for the next day. 

We smell everything she is cooking in the kitchen smelling spices from the soup and the fresh hot cocoa that she has ready to serve to us. As it gets harder in the kitchen she starts to roll her hair up into a bun and remove her fake lashes for the night. That’s when I step in to help my mom and begin to finish the last bit she needs so she can join the rest of the family with a movie night. When the food is done being prepared, my mom and I start changing into our pajamas and join the rest of the family for a movie night. Before my mom begins to relax she makes sure everyone is good for the night so she can finally relax herself.

This will forever be a tradition I will never forget she’s created a memory in my life that I would like to pass on with my own family that I will have in the future. Her motherly ways is a good example of what I want to be when I become a mother. This woman would be considered ordinary in someone else’s eyes but in mine she is invincible. I wouldn’t know what it’s like to solve a problem on my own, she has managed to figure it out for me and help me improve myself for the next time. That’s enough proof she has shown me how much she loves me and wants to see me succeed. 

Besides the point of happiness, it wasn’t always like that with every situation possible. Rough times my mom defended me anyway she could whether it was physically or mentally, I never knew what it was like to protect myself because going to my mom was like a cure to me. Either way I would do the same for my mom, never would care about the situation. This has taught me what it would be like to defend your loved ones and how important it is to keep them safe. Not only will it protect your family but it’s a promise to keep to them that no matter the situation they have every right to come to you with any problems going on it keeps that person closer to you and has that ability to trust you.

One day I received the worst news possible, it affected me from doing my normal weekly routines I just thought I couldn’t keep going. It was at that moment I had to talk to my mom because having that worst feeling possible it really ruined myself, multiple assumptions coming into my head it was like I was dragging myself to keep going. She gave me the comfort I needed even if it was the mistakes I made myself she still was on my side and taught me right from wrong. I’ve grown from my past and she always told me I would and to think I went through it, I still remember she helped me become the person I am today. My mom always told me, “You're going to deal with these kinds of situations all the time, but don’t let it get to you this bad or it’ll keep coming back and allow it to follow you.”

It was finally time for me to be on my own, having someone other than my mom take care of me. The most emotional week my mom and I can ever experience, she had to make sure my fiancé was prepared to take care of me and had him promise I would be fine. I’m getting ready for my wedding day and I can see in my moms eyes she’s not ready to let me go soon. She’s fighting her hardest to hold those tears back in front of me and making sure I don’t cry and ruin the makeup that took hours to complete. Nothing more she could tell me besides hug me and tell me, “I’m here for you still, but out there is the man who will take my place and defend you when I can’t be there.”

I still remember that day like it was yesterday, my mom dressed the prettiest she could be on my day. Having her bold makeup looks that bright her eyes more and letting her long black her down with nice wavy curls that make her hair very volumized and perfect. The dress she had on brightens the whole room that day; it was a navy blue dress that had rhinestones covering almost the whole dress. To top off her outfit she had her Calvin Klein heels that she typically would wear on special occasions. This day was important to her, it was the day she had to make sure was perfect for me.

My mom gave me a story to tell about in my future and in my memory. She gave me a life I’m happy to be in, without her I’m lost I won’t have the same experience with anyone else then my own mom. I have the strength to be who I want to be because of her, I’ve been raised to help others and my mom taught me those challenges and how to face them on my own. Family is the most important thing in a person's life and she showed me why that should always be someone’s main priority. Without family you're losing yourself and the love you deserve from another person, because family love is stronger. 

She is an altruistic person, to protect others before herself is what I define my mom as. Having an altruistic person in your life is a blessing to whomever has one. They are a shield for you, the superhero who doesn’t need a cape to be considered as the hero. Tricky moments will come upon anyone but having the support will defend those moments faster and easier in life than what you expected.



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