Hindrances of Modernism on Ernst Faustus in a Dystopian Society Essay Example

With the brisk, wintrous breeze indicative towards the transition towards the winter solstice, the lights being shut out  throughout the entirety of the locale due to curfew being initiated, he was sauntering around the premises of his abode, in the midst of nowhere except a tributary due east of his tract. Confined in the same manner as an animal is to its “natural” habitat within the zoo, Ernst Faustus stood glancing outside the window for a quick glance as to the status of the locality in which they were in, with an eye as sharp as an eagle’s.

With German dystopic memorabilia and air force valor sheathing the entirety of the otherwise barren walls of his abode in such a manner that it was like putting the sun in the middle of the night, he was fiddling with his lighter due to the fact that a new handicapper manager had been found to take care of Ernst throughout the entirety of his voyage back to his home village of Nuremberg in the newly, neophyte-inspired dystopian government raised by the new emperor of the Neo-German Second Reich.

However, until the government approves his permanent emigration from the Midwestern Region, as states have now been rendered redundant as per the de facto laws of the government, Ernst will have to manage himself and get the specialized care from Granger and the other individuals. Granger, in the meanwhile, was working on a new platform of technology designed for tracking Ernst due to the senile dog becoming ill-struck over the past few years, making Ernst have no choice but to be reclusive and stay within his own abode, one that is constantly plagued with fear due to the premise of the area being a tract for firemen to patrol every day, waiting for the ultimatum of his escape.

When he received his documentation, he wanted to remind his handicap-manager regarding some situations arising that he’d like for him to take care of: “Sir, if you do not mind, may I be accompanied whilst in Nuremberg until I have fully transitioned back into the village? It wouldn’t have to be you, but-” Immediately apprehended with the tone of anger and the continuum of the clicking pen in his hand, the handicapper-manager suddenly bursts in a period of rage, scowling Ernst in response: “I have already done enough for you! You want more, Mr. Faustus? You’re lucky you’re still alive with your handicaps and daftness, with the help of your father leading that resistance circle!” 

This is where the mistake had arisen from, as little did either of them know, the handicapper-manager was under surveillance by the Intelligence Organization of the Midwestern Regional Intelligence Organization like a bird would to its prey. Granger, being aware of the repercussions if either of them were to be caught by the now incoming firemen, rushed to dial for emergency support from Ernst’s father’s to send reinforcements to the locality that will soon be sieged by the fire brigade due to conspiracy towards rebellion, a capital offense according to the codex, which has replaced the outdated Constitution. This is when Granger had decided that the others and himself were to move to another locality and bring any essential supplies along the way  as well as drink the elixir which cures them of the scent which the Mechanical Hounds identify them by, changing the chemical index of their perspiration. Ernst, a secular individual who has never believed in such fantastical objects that portray even a hint of mystique, decided to not take it. By then, it was too late..



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