The Advantages of Living in Big Cities Essay Example

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  • Published: 30 May 2021
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Both big cities and small towns are contrasting, opposite and big changes in lifestyles. There are some reasons why some people prefer small towns over big cities and the main ones are: the low cost of living , affordable housing, less stress and the great community appeal; on the other hand in a big city, people can take the chance to study and work best. There are many good universities for people to choose from, and there they can express their ability to study what they like; additionally, when people graduate, it’s easier to find a good job with a good salary, which is quite difficult in small towns or countryside; but comparing the various reasons such as job opportunities, education and entertainment big cities are where everybody can take advantages of themselves, and living there is decidedly better.

Living in a small town is quite pleasing. I still remember the happiest time I spent in my childhood when my family moved to a small town. The fresh air, beautiful landscapes and friendly neighborhood with quite and comfortable lifestyles left me an impressive memory. The pleasure experiences still cannot be removed from my mind, but when I began to work in a nearby big city, I found that living in a large city is more rewarding than living in a small town. Most small towns have one or two high schools, and not always are acceptable, and students cannot take the opportunity as much as big cities since they don’t have enough modern facilities to teach students. Additionally, in small towns there are very limited local jobs available, and the majority of people living there don’t have a well-paid job, so they migrate to big cities. 

Living in a big city can provide people with a modern and adequate academic environment since education is the key for success in a future career. Both cities and small towns have valuable and minor schools; however, there are a lot of options in a big city, it has more quality schools, so students can get several benefits from modern education, such as multimedia teaching, internet and electronic libraries with various books and documents. Big cities create many convenient services and create more job opportunities, there are more career chances because the salaries and the living condition are always better than those in a small town, it has many big companies, and students typically have access to more internships, cooperative classes and other career-boosting experiences. Chances to find a job in a big city are really higher, but at the same time, there is more competition between workers and not always the desired job is obtained. In a big city is very easy to start a new career path since no one knows the other person. Everybody can create new first impression, set themselves up for a greater career, and have so many opportunities to create a big network of contacts. 

Even though small towns have a beautiful nature, good environment, peaceful and kind people, their advantages cannot equal the big cities. In a big city there are many convenient facilities, useful services, and good public utilities, while in a small town, people needs are not in good condition, especially in public health and life quality. Small towns entertainment is very different from larger cities since there are a fewer and poorer options to choose from. People in small towns can go fishing, camping, go for a hunt or to the lake, but  sometimes the most exciting thing a person can do is to walk around the town or stay to a coffee shop. 

Big cities can offer a variety of entertainment rage from cinemas, theaters, concerts, and clubs to entertainment parks, and so on. No matter what type of interests people seek or need, big cities can provide every type of entertainment for residents. Although some options can be costly, museums and historic sites are often free or allow entrance for a small donation. Many people like spending their free time in these facilities because it helps them to relax, so they can mitigate the stress derived from cities, and it brings them a lot of pleasure. Additionally, in cities children can attend cultural events almost every weekend, or even more often; this is also an important factor for their self-confidence and cultural background.

To conclude, a big city is an ideal place for everyone. I highly prefer living in a big city than the countryside. Big cities have lots of advantages and facilities over the small towns, and where people live and grow up is very important to their future life, because that environment can build and enrich their personality and their culture; that’s why living in a large city is more promising.



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