The Idea of Increased Rudeness Essay Example

The USA is a magnificent country where people, for the most part, can do what they want to, but in recent years people have claimed that the level of the politeness of people has dropped severely. This could be because of anything, it could be because the leaders and popular individuals of the nation have a more vulgar personality, or it could be because of the lack of face to face contact. Rudeness varies from each year; it varies for the reason of what is classified as being rude. Say you had one person who did not call their boss “sir/mam” this might be called rude in the 90’s but it might not be arranged as rude as much today. Different decades have different flows, flows by the way it goes, one element could be completely different in just 20 years.

The population of the world is further expanding, with the 7.7 billion humans living today compared to the mere 3.7 billion people in 1970 the world has more than doubled in the short span of 50 years. People often take for granted what they have too much of. For instance, wood, once upon a time the southeast part of the US was one big forest, and the ever-shrinking rainforests in Asia, Africa, and South America. People will start caring about how much wood we use when we exhaust a majority of the wood on Earth. The mass amounts of bodies on Earth is definitely affecting the way we communicate. Say if you bump into someone on the sidewalk in a city, most of the people will just keep walking along like it did not happen. If you were to bump into someone in a city of 1,000 people and you and that other person were the only ones on the sidewalk, he/she would most likely apologize due to less people and the feeling of being closer to someone because you are one of the few people there. Cities have an overpopulation problem where there are too many people and the sheer amount affects the way people treat others.

Most people who believe that rudeness has increased over the years assume that phones and the internet are the main reason that it has increased. With phones being the main way people access the web they get drawn in for the blame. People who assert rude comments on the internet often feel like they are protected. They would not criticize a famous sports player in a one on one conversation, but they would call them all sorts of malicious phases in an Instagram comment section for example. Going back to face to face contact, society does not have to be as nice as before. They do not have to be as nice because they always have contact with their friends with either messages or calling. Previously there was no other contact other than face to face communication, this would mean people would be nicer to more people to have more friends. I am not saying people today do not want to make friends, I am saying most people today already have friends and would rather improve the relationship with the friends they have instead of talking to other unknown people.



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