Essay on Society: The Changes that Should Be Provided to Make it Better

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Society has put an image in the minds of the public by saying who they are supposed to be, what they are supposed to look like, and how they are supposed to act. The stereotypical image of the “perfect” human has created many problems in society. For example, in the movie, Wonder, children were bullying the main character (who has Treachers Collins Syndrome). “What’s the deal with your face anyway, I mean, were you in a fire or something?” (Chbosky, et al., 2017). This expresses that even at a young age, children are taught who should and should not be accepted in society. Individuals with disabilities are often separated from the rest of society. If young children are instructed to spread more positivity and to not judge people by appearance, then future generations will inhabit a more accepting and healthier world. In order to change society, parents and teachers need to educate children on major issues such as bullying, homelessness, and sexism. 

According to recent studies, one in every 30 children are homeless or previously were homeless ( Around cities, shopping centers, malls and parks, individuals notice homeless people struggling to find shelter and money. These people are in desperate need of assistance, but, instead of caring for these people, the public has chosen to dismiss them because of their lifestyle.  Becky Blanton, who was previously homeless, stated, “Society equates living in a permanent structure, even a shack, with having value as a person” (Blanton).  This shows how easily society as a whole ignores the importance of a person as a human being, solely because they do not fit into what the majority believe to be the definition of value. “Homelessness is now an attitude, not a lifestyle” (Blanton). Our community has no consideration for people who are struggling to collect money for food.  The only way to change societies substantial amount of segregation is by being a role model and showing everyone how to care for those around you. By showing young people how to act when they see someone in need, our society will become a more selfless, generous place.  

Similar to homeless people, women also face discrimination and harassment every day while at work, online or at school. Even the most successful and influential women are dealing with segregation because of their sex. A recent event that happened was when the US National Women's soccer team was paid a much lower amount than the US Men's soccer team, despite the fact that the women’s team was much more successful. “Questions started when fans heard how much money the U.S. Women's National Team got for the historic win over Japan. They received $2 million. When the men's team lost in round sixteen of last year's tournament, they got $8 million” (Jaynes). This has happened to every National Women's team. Currently, the highest paid woman basketball player is getting paid $113,500 a year, whereas men basketball players’ salaries can be all the way up to 34 million dollars per year ( Society needs to change this by paying people based on how hard they work and their level of success, not because of their sex. 

Bullying is a huge social issue that is present in a lot of schools in the United States. One out of every 3 students reports being bullied while in school (  Bullying comes in many forms such as cyber bullying, physical bullying and verbal bullying. This has many negative impacts on the victims life and can bring down their self-esteem and confidence. “I walk with my head down, Trying to block you out 'cause I'll never impress you. I just wanna feel okay again” (Swift, Taylor, 2010). Children need to be taught how to deal with bullying in schools and how to stand up to bullying. By standing up to bullying, society will create a positive and non-judgemental environment. 

Segregation and stereotypes in the community are unacceptable and society needs to make many changes to create a better atmosphere.  Although most people would say being a bully is completely inappropriate, there are some people that think being a bully is healthier than being a victim of bullying. “The people bullying may actually experience health benefits, over the victim, from their behavior” (Park, 2014). These people are supporting the idea that being a bully is acceptable. Spreading this idea could create a more negative attitude in society. Another huge issue in the world is the amounts of homeless people living on the streets. People who are homeless are looked down on and are judged on a day-to-day basis. Many people would agree living on a street is not a place someone wants to be, because of the feeling of hopelessness. However, some people think homelessness can be a good, enjoyable experience. “With the right attitude and a positive frame of mind you could enjoy a much freer existence without as many socially set obligations and pressures to tie you down. Just think of the many hours you can enjoy reading at the library or exploring the countryside;  go swimming at the beach and generally relax more” ( Although many homeless people do not have to go to work or pay taxes, often they have no family, friends or money. The only way the homeless receive money is by begging on the streets. This is not a pleasant lifestyle and people who are homeless are hopeless and in need of help. In order to change this, the community needs to make students more aware of how to respect those who are less fortunate, and not to turn to bullying when they see someone different.    

Society has engraved the thought of perfection in the developing minds of children. This has caused many issues in society that have to change. Society is very stereotypical and segregates people because of the way they look or act. This has created a negative atmosphere that is not enjoyable to live in for many people. In order to change society, we need to educate children on important issues such as sexism, homelessness and bullying.



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