The Role of Leaders in the Army Essay Example

The purpose of this essay is to inform the reader on accountability using these three core concepts:  punctuality, wearing the right uniform, and accountability of  soldiers. Soldiers in the army know the saying, be in the right place at the right time in  the right uniform. As leaders in the army we need to lead by example by ensuring we are in the right uniform at the right time. 

Punctuality is a core concept in the army, which shows the soldier displays self-discipline, integrity and trustworthiness.  According to,/ “dependability, accountability, consistency, and discipline”, are all attributes of being punctual.  As leaders it is essential to establish a time when soldiers must arrive and correct the action if troops are late.  Soldiers who show up late make leaders assume you lack discipline. 

A task that needs to be completed by a specific time could be affected and not completed properly if a soldier is late.  For instance, while in combat if a soldier does not show up on time or in the right uniform it could delay a mission.  If a mission is delayed by just minutes this could affect the mission.  Late soldiers could put lives in danger by giving the enemies time to set up IED’s, attack points, etc.….  Leaders need to communicate to their soldiers information and confirm they understand the information given.

Leaders in the army show good communication when their soldiers show up on time and in the right uniform.  As leaders we need to verify our troops are wearing their uniforms in accordance with (IAW) Army Regulation (AR) 670-1.  AR 670-1 explains the regulations on the wear of the uniform and the standards for the appearance of soldiers.  Soldiers who wear the army uniform should wear their uniform with pride and be proud to be wearing it.  In AR 670-1, it states, “soldiers will present a professional image at all times…both on and off duty”.  Along with the soldiers, leaders also need to be IAW AR 670-1 to show the standard for their soldiers. 

Like I mentioned in the previous paragraph, if a soldier doesn’t show up for a mission in the right uniform it could delay a mission.  As leaders we need to confirm and double check our soldiers have the correct equipment to meet standards for convoys, missions, or details.  On it states, “by wearing the uniform…soldiers embody their professionalism and commitment to the Army Values”.  If a soldier doesn’t have proper equipment the leader should verify the soldier gets the equipment required.  Leaders need to be accountable for themselves, their soldiers, and all equipment needed to carry out a task or mission. 

In the army, leaders are always required to have accountability of all their soldiers.  As a leader, knowing where your soldiers are and what they are doing could help prevent safety concerns.  Leaders who know where their soldiers are is very important while deployed.  If your deployed and your camp gets attacked, as a leader you need to know where your soldiers are.  Not knowing where your soldiers are could result in not knowing if your troops are injured, alive, or need help.  In my unit we make sure all soldiers contact their leaders when we return home.

In the army, starting in basic training, soldiers learn how important it is to be on time, in the right uniform and have accountability for themselves and their subordinates. Leaders must communicate with their soldiers for them to know when and where they need to be. A good leader leads by example, importantly, by wearing the right uniform and professional appearance IAW 670-1. According to the General of the Army, Omar Bradley, “leadership...means firmness, not harshness; understanding, not weakness; generosity, not selfishness; pride, not egotism.”  To be a good leader they should follow three core concepts, which include, be on time, be in the right uniform IAW 670-1, and have accountability of soldiers.



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