Why is it Important to Us to Have Freedom Essay Example

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  • Published: 28 April 2021
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Should freedom be won over and over again? Yes, in fact, freedom must be won every day. Freedom is under attack in our society in war, changing laws and shifting moral viewpoints.

The repeated fight for freedom is portrayed across history with wars.  Ever since the begin of time, man has been fighting for freedom. Freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and many more freedoms are fought for. Wars have not decreased, they have only increased. The 20th Century was known as the bloodiest war ever. An example is WWII. The Nazis took away the freedom of the Jews. Many countries supported the Jew and they got their freedom back. Sadly, 6 million Jews died.

Law changes should be fought for on a daily basis. For example, legalizing abortion has become extremely controversial. Pro- abortionists protest to extend the deadline for when you can kill your baby. Anti-abortionists protest for the freedom of the un-born which is make it illegal. Both sides are constantly “at war”. Luckily, most of the law changes have been for the better. The thirteenth amendment, passed by Abraham Lincoln, began the end of slavery.

Moral Viewpoints have changed quiet a bit in America. The original Europeans that came to America were protestant. Their viewpoints were directly off the Bible. Slowly, but surely, those viewpoints faded.  Nowadays, little people base their viewpoints from God’s Word.  They base the world off anything they want to and do whatever they feel like doing. They do not see any heaven or hell or the world for how it is; A beautiful creation of God. Sadly, teachers cannot teach about God publicly to their classes because many people do not believe in God. 

Matthew 24: 6 says, “You will hear of wars and rumors of wars but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come”. God also agrees freedom “wars” must occur. Some people say we do not need to fight for freedom because fredom is already won. That is incorrect. At any moment a huge law could change or we could be invaded and our freedom could be taken away. As a Christian, you should always fight for Freedom weather its though wars, changing laws and shifting moral viewpoints.



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