Community Service Essay Example 2

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  • Published: 08 June 2021
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Community service hasn’t always been the biggest thing in my life until December 24, 2008. During that year my parents decided to take my brother and I to the Chattanooga Christmas for Kids program, and they wanted to show us how fortunate we are compared to many kids that are around us. After seeing how appreciated those kids were for inexpensive gifts that I knew as a child, I would have been upset to get, it took a big life change on both my brother and I how we have everything we’ve ever wanted and we was not even appreciate as much as those children were. 

With the next year coming up with just a few days my parents decided to join the Christmas for Kids program in Whitwell, and they chose to do so because instead of going to Chattanooga every year on Christmas Eve to help the children out over there that they needed to help the families in our own community. And with my parents going into Christmas for Kids program I knew I wanted to get into the program and help in any way that I could. For the first several years we would do anything to raise money to help as much as possible, we had roadblocks, work after the parade on labor day, and even had car shows. Everyone knew we were putting in several hours for barely any donations and we wanted to figure a way that we could make all the money that we needed in hardly any time, so we could enjoy our summer and go to labor day if we chose to do so. 

During my freshman year of high school the Christmas for Kids committee decided that they wanted to try and have a haunted house in the whole month of October, we knew that it wouldn’t be easy to build, but having a haunted house this close to home and for a good cause that many people would come. With the first year of the haunted house we raised more money in just that month than what we would usually raise in an entire year that would cause us to do more work. When working the haunted house it was a fun and different way to raise money and we also had more help that what we normally would have, the interact club would help us every year with the building and the working and it was a fun way to get to know people and to even scare some of the people that would dare to come in. 

Overall being able to help work with the Christmas for Kids program it has really opened my eyes on how I see how many people that I go to school with are not as fortunate as much as I am, and knowing that I have helped many families over the years to have a Christmas is a great. Christmas has always been one of my most favorite holidays and knowing that I got to change many people's perspective on whether or not their child were going to have a Christmas is the best part overall.



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