Ownership and One's Identity Essay Example

Ownership and One's Identity Essay Example
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📌Published: 30 May 2021

Ownership and one's identity are two very prominent features of our characteristics. Feeling that we can accept and own this trait is sometimes difficult to come to terms with. Jean-Paul Sartre's forward thinking expresses just that. The relationship between ownership and one's self is a large one that continues to follow us all our lives.

It is important that we take ownership and identity hand in hand. We are defined by our unique perspectives and skills, and if we were denied to own these skills we would be deprived of our true identities. The DC superhero movie, Man of Steel, follows the story of Superman. The movie often flashes back to his younger years and displays his lack of self acceptance and identity. But as his character developed , we are able to experience his change in demeanor and ability to hone his skills. Without the realization that he owned these amazing powers he may have never found his true identity or save the world.

Character ans identity can only be discovered through ownership. Anywhere you go you will probably experience meet someone who isn't top financially. That was a girl in my English class. She was very boisterous so it was a great shock to me when she reveled to the class that she was once under the poverty line.Yet, she owned this part of her life and actively choose to be a optimist about life. There's no telling how different and closed off she might have been if she couldn't overcome and own her experiences. By owning her identity she didn't  have to let her past hinder her future or her character development.

The need for ownership of one's identity is extremely important. Some many argue that ownership promotes the detrimental effects to a persons character, but without the confidence to own your skills or even the power to own your confidence you will never be able to effectively develop your traits uniquely or fully understand and accept yourself.


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