Strategic Effects of American Consumerism Essay Example

Strategic Effects of American Consumerism Essay Example
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📌Published: 27 March 2021

Consumption in America is continuously advertised, whether it be billboards, magazines, commercials, or etc. Society is consistently bombarded with amounts of advertisement that allure consumers to enter an alarming maze of being persuaded into durable or non-durable services. How do common companies convince their customers to give up cash so often? Companies are based on numerous strategies, teaching their employees to convince customers of buying store products. Yvonne Cisneros, an employee at Old Navy, has over the years developed different tips of luring customers into the clothing retail company. Cisneros mentions, “ As I began training at Old Navy, I was aware the main priority was to make sales better than what they may have been the day before.” Cisneros has over time learned to utilize her strategies of not wasting time, learning how to read customers wants or needs, and ensuring a positive experience for the customer.

When interviewing Cisneros, she states the first strategy that has effectively worked for her is introducing herself to the customers, and asking the customers if they need any help. For example, when interviewing Cisneros she states, “ I or [The employees] immediately introduce [themselves] to the customers including to be aware of deals, accessories, etc. (Cisneros)” As Cisneros and other employees make this approach, they are positive customers will be aware of products being displayed in the store, while being comfortable employees are willing to help at any moment. Consumers in American consumption are likely to be persuaded to buy more items that are either displayed or frequently mentioned in stores people may visit. Cisneros adds, “Customers are more likely to leave the store with a great experience in addition to hopefully visiting again knowing of our products (Cisneros)” She adds, “I additionally feel this type of strategy works best for me, because I can generally describe myself as a people person (Cisneros)” Cisneros then proceeds to continue to explain her next strategies that works best for herself and employees.

Moreover, another strategy that employees use is learning how to study a customer's wants by simply understanding what they may be looking for in particular. According to Cisneros, “I start off by asking simple questions about an item they may need or want (Cisneros)” As a part of asking these questions to customers, she is using the process of elimination of the products they carry in the store. She also states, “If my customers are happy with their item I also suggest another item,whether it be shirts, rings or necklaces (Cisneros)” A part of this strategy is to suggest another item and persuade the customer that the second item will piece together with the first. Generally a new employee may not be familiar with this strategy, but takes an efficient amount of practice in the store. To guarantee a sale from a customer, Cisneros also goes out of her way to help customers find an item while also luring them to the front register. 


In conclusion, companies frequently stress the importance of customer satisfaction. As employees are trained, they then learn the importance of being in a family and friendly environment. Cisneros reflects on her training in the past stating, “Being a part of this job I learned strategies of maintaining communication, thus running a smoother part of my job (Cisneros)” A part of having a successful company is making sure their customers had a positive experience as their employees determine to help gain customers with a satisfied visit. Cisneros then gives some tips stating, “You work with many people who are not nice, but having a positive attitude will definitely make it easy (Cisneros)” cisneros states that the biggest guideline of business is guarenting a positive environment for the customer and [the employees].

All things considered, Consumers are often exploited with repeated advertisements creating an illusion they must continue buying goods. Many companies keep consumers appealed to many types of advertising, but having consistent employees in stores guarantees the customer's satisfaction. Cisneros states, “As a person who shops, like [herself], having an excellent experience can  bring loyal customers, and frequent visits (Cisneros)” As previously mentioned throughout the interview, a few strategies used by employees are not wasting time, learning how to read customers wants or needs, and ensuring a positive experience for the customer. These strategies used by Cisneros have been claimed to help herself and the employees allure happy customers, while making their job easier as well.


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