Fancy Feast Cat Food Ad Analysis Essay Example

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When looking through a magazine, you notice tons of advertisement, right? Advertisements are made to persuade the consumer into buying various products. Without the use of advertisements, it would be tough for companies to get their product in society. Through the strategic use of colors, images, and word arrangement, a consumer can be manipulated to purchase any product. Animal lovers and pet owners are a common target for advertisement production. It is no secret that companies attempt to invoke an emotional response to a target audience when running an advertisement for a certain product. The advertisement for Fancy Feast targets and entices cat owners to purchase their product in order to demonstrate the utmost love for their pet.

Nearly two weeks ago, I was at home watching television when a stack of Better Homes & Gardens magazines on the coffee table caught my attention. My mom had recently received a free subscription. The magazines were still unopened in the packaging. Better Homes & Gardens was never the kind of magazine to grab my attention, but I had time to spare, so why not? Page eighty-one immediately caught my eye; an advertisement for Fancy Feast cat food. This large, fluffy, beautiful, white Persian cat with huge, green, shiny eyes immediately jumped out at me. This led me to read the advertisement and find out why this beautiful cat is featured in a magazine that has little interest to me.

Texts Features 

The textual features of this advertisement include several fonts and sizes to catch the readers eye. The slogan, “Love is in the Details,” is small and next to the brand name written in elegant script. The slogan implies that if you love your pet, you will serve them only the best and highest quality of food. Surely, if this green-eyed beauty is eating Fancy Feast, my cats are worthy and deserving of it as well. 

The large bold text, “Inspired Combinations, Extraordinary Detail,” is in all capital letters and written in ordinary script, as it is designed to stand out and grab attention. The phrases are short, two words, and get right to the point as to what is special about the product and why you should choose it. The phrase, “Inspired Combinations,” imply that the flavor of the meal is exotic and unlike any other cat food that is on the market. “Extraordinary Detail” implies that careful time, dedication, and love was put into making these flavors to ensure only the best quality for your cat. 

The smaller text toward the bottom of the advertisement reads, “Indulge her senses with Fancy Feast Medleys.” This makes you feel as though the cat will be more delighted and cultured when eating this food. The remaining phrase, “Accents of real vegetables, garden greens or cheese bring culinary perfection to every bite,” describes the flavors and paints a visual image of a cat savoring each bite. A sense of gratitude fills my heart because I would know I gave my precious cat only the best out of love for them.

This particular advertisement has a variety of visual features. The first thing I notice when looking at the advertisement is the Persian cat. The cat is clean, white, and beautiful.  It has a pink nose and stunning green eyes that are looking directly at the reader. The cat is white, draped in a cozy, sea green blanket of color which appears to be calming. At the bottom of the page, there are three different cans of food. The culinary combinations are easily read and excite one for the opportunity to expose their pet to something so wild, so unavailable to most felines. The cat foods shown are served on a clean, elegant, white dish and arranged in a way that even a human may consider consuming. The most predominant can states the name of the flavor “Wild Salmon Primavera with Garden Veggies & Greens Pate`”. The name of the food is so descriptive that you can smell an aroma of tuna coming from the page. Purina’s slogan, “Your Pet, Our Passion”, is printed at the bottom of the page which imply that this company truly cares about your pet and what is best for him or her. 


The target audience of this advertisement is pet owners, particularly cat owners. I am part of the targeted audience because I love cats. I own multiple cats and care about what I feed them. The Fancy Feast advertisement captivates the audience by the vivid graphics of the cat and the setup of the meal. The combo of this with the large, bold text appeals to cat owners.

The purpose of the advertisement is to specifically sell this brand of Fancy Feast. The claim is that the food is a culinary perfection that will “indulge her senses”. The advertisement claims that the food has “extraordinary detail” and the brand slogan is “Love is in the details.” The advertisement insinuates that if you love your cat, you will buy this product to demonstrate love for your cat. It targets a person’s emotional attachment to their animals. It almost subconsciously guilts the pet owner into purchasing the food out of love and care, making the owner feel that if they do not purchase this brand, he or she does not love their cat. 


In conclusion, I think the advertisement is very effective in persuading cat owners to buy this product for their pets. This advertisement convinces one to believe that if your pet is truly loved, highest quality of food would be purchased. The advertisement for Fancy Feast targets animal owners, especially cat owners to purchase their product in order to show an unconditional amount of love for their pet.



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